nepiepildāmas alkas pēc atstarošanās rīta miglā
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My love, the moments I spend
in your cunt I forget my
migraine aching joints drinking problem grand mal paralysis
hallucinations pain between the shoulder blades short-
ness of breath hiccups dandruff dry skin vertigo bed-wetting
impaired hearing chafed lips pustules liver
spots leg sores bleeding gums flatulence
sciatica crying fits thoughts of suicide swol-
len ankles pathological thirst angst baldness double
vision facial twinges difficulty concentrating
cross-eyes burning in the urethra running ears ring-
ing ears cramps throat pain itching allergies
strange subcutaneous lumps cold hands nail-
biting hoarsness obesity jealousy vomiting
constipation memory pus in each nasal sinus and gout.
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