nepiepildāmas alkas pēc atstarošanās rīta miglā
11:31 am - The She in my Head [jo mariner, ārzemju]
as good as any / I’ve ever been / A
no stop winder of the thread /wender of the maze/
a May zing
one who doubles /singles / turns
all downsides up/ insides
out/ the everybody look nohands noholds barred girl /
the no handlebars handle with care full of un and con
fused IN and OUT fused con amore GIRL /
queen of the inside eyes that do not shut
the she who sleepleaps /
the Do not Sleep and dream you can find her / SHE /
OH LORDY / the kind of girl you wanna buy her book /
the kind of girl you un-close and re-open
/ RE-member ‘member? / her Ideas / dears /
eating the tender grass of the heart /Oh Dahling
/ the kind of girl that makes you whyne at your mother /
where, Where WHERE has she put all the words?
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