Sātana advokāta piezīmes
skepse un infantilitāte
kad nebija ne mobilo tālruņu, na aifōnu 
24.-Okt-2014 01:58 pm
“I tell you, sir,” he whispered, “it is the end of the world. Never were known such excesses of the scholars: it is the cursed inventions of the age that ruin everything: artillery, serpentines, bombards, and above all, printing, that other pestilence from Germany. No more manuscripts! No more books! Printing is cutting up the bookselling trade. The end of the world is certainly at hand!” Victor Hugo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame
28.-Okt-2014 12:18 pm
Tu tā kā aifonu atsevišķi no tālruņa kategorizē? :D
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