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Date:2014-09-18 00:10

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Date:2014-09-18 00:01
Mood:skinos mastiha
Music:cohen: almost like the blues

tikšu galā ar mākslas vēsturi (2-4 gadi), būs jāķeras pie arhitektūras. tur vēl ir nedaudz metafizikas.

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Date:2014-09-17 23:50

Nepieciešama ir vienīgi skaidrība.
Viss pārējais greizsirdīgi kārdina cilvēku prom.

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Date:2014-09-17 23:27
Subject:Necilvēcības mierinājums

There are times when authority must revert to violence in order to maintain obedience.
There will always be a small minority who refuse to obey the tenets of cultural law. Because of this, authorities employ a constant stream of violence known as law enforcement, or police. These are not police in the defense of liberty, but police in the defense of authority. Cultures always teach that liberty and authority are one and the same; but the design of police is to wield the weapons of violence in the preservation of authority, not to defend liberty.
Authority must also employ violence when cultures break down. Throughout history, people have slowly and steadily learned more and more about their own worth, and hence demanded more and more freedom. Different cultures have fallen as people realized that culture is a lie.
When cultures begin to break down, it is because people are learning about their value. Such cultures and the authorities they protect are doomed. Never once in history has a culture in decline been redeemed. When authorities see that their culture is being dismantled, and obedience is no longer theirs to enjoy, they return to violence. These returns to violence are historically extremely brutal. The violent enforcement of law is a sign of coming liberty.


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Date:2014-09-17 22:40
Subject:vergu prāti

Culture and Objectivity

Since culture is not objective, it must be subjective, at least to some degree.

To the degree that culture is subjective, it cannot make reference to any objective facts or realities. For instance, if I say, “I like vanilla ice cream,” I am expressing a subjective preference – quite distinct from saying, “Objectively, vanilla is the best flavour of ice cream.”

Furthermore, if I say not only that vanilla ice cream is the best flavour objectively, but also that it is immoral to prefer any other flavour, and moral to prefer vanilla, then clearly I am going far beyond the bounds of rationality.

Not only am I claiming that vanilla is objectively “best,” but also that it is the only moral ideal, and that any preference for any other flavour is immoral.

The elevation of a subjective preference to an objective ideal – especially when it involves ethics – is simply called bigotry.

Thus culture, by elevating subjective preferences for local customs to objective – and often moral – ideals, is merely a species of petty, self-righteous, pompous, false, prejudicial and ugly bigotry.

Culture is the most dangerous lie in the world, because false moral ideals are always required for the execution of evil.

Now, what is moral must be enforced – thus by turning subjective preferences into “objective morality,” culture opens wide the hellish gates of violent control.

In other words, by turning violence into virtue, culture not only excuses violence – culture creates violence.

What Slaves Really Fear

Culture can thus be accurately viewed as a set of moral mythologies that are used to create, justify and extend violence against the majority of individuals.

What is it, then, that prevents us from shrugging off these choking and enslaving falsehoods?

In other words, who are you most afraid of?

If you start to speak the truth about culture, mythology, exploitation and violence, whose response frightens you the most?

If you openly speak about the simple reality that the state is violence, are you afraid that black-suited SWAT teams will burst through your windows and drag you off to Guantanamo Bay?

If you say that religious superstition is an exploitive lie, that the New York attacks were an unjust retaliation to far more unjust American attacks upon Muslims, that soldiers are merely men paid to kill others, like any hit-men – whose response do you fear the most?

There is a reason that we do not say these things.

There is a reason that we smile and nod and wave our flags and cheer our leaders and refuse to speak the simple truths that would inevitably set us free.

That reason is not that we are afraid of our leaders, or their thugs, or their jails, or their tortures.

The reason that we bite our tongues is that we are afraid of each other.

Why We Are Talking About Culture…

The reason that we are talking about culture and statism and religion – rather than only your personal relationships – is this:

The moment that you begin to speak the truth – a prerequisite for any form of intimacy – you will be attacked by your fellow slaves.

The question, then, since no one likes to be attacked, is: why bother speaking the truth at all?

Well, we speak the truth because we want the future to be different from the present – our own personal future, in terms of having honor, honesty and integrity in our personal relationships – and the future of the world, which yearns and deserves to be free.

If you truly take on the concepts in this book – if you speak openly and honestly about the truth – you will be endlessly attacked, your life will become very difficult in countless ways, and very few of your existing relationships – if any – will survive your new honesty.

Now, I could tell you that somewhere beyond the darkness that you will be cast into, lies a golden land of beauty, intimacy, love, laughter and true and deep friendship.

However, I cannot tell you that.

I cannot tell you that, because I cannot guarantee that.

You may be for various reasons stuck in a small town full of patriotic bigots and religious cultists.

You may be 15 years old, and remain dependent upon your parents for years to come.

You may be old, and dependent upon your children.

You may be the only sane rationalist in an Islamic village.

You may find that, if the truth destroys your marriage – or rather reveals its prior destruction – that you may never get married again, or have a satisfying romantic relationship.

You may find that, when you speak the truth to your adult children, they won’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.

I want to be clear about the dangers that always follow honesty.

We are not enslaved because we are cowards.

We are enslaved because we are objectively in danger.

We should take some relief in the enormous difficulties faced by those who speak the truth – because, if speaking the truth were easy, the state of the world, its bottomless and exploitive lies, would make absolutely no sense at all.

No, speaking the truth is incredibly difficult, and very dangerous – and not because of prisons, and not because of our masters, but because of the endless attacks from our fellow slaves.

When you sit around your family table at Christmas or Thanksgiving, it is worth taking a moment to let this basic reality seep into your very bones.

When you look at the ruddy, smiling faces around the table, it is essential to truly and finally understand that, in reality, these people are your masters.

It is not the whips of our owners that keep us down, but the frowns and snarls of our fellow slaves.

It is not the jails of our masters that keep us huddled and frozen in fear, but the disapproval of our fellow slaves.

The “state” is not in Washington, or Rome, or Madrid, or Ottawa, or Baghdad.

The “state” is not the guns of the police, the truncheons of the prison guards, the huts of the gulags, the cells of the prisons, the grenades of the troops, or the jostling darkness of the paddy wagons.

These are merely the effects, not the cause.

The “state” is not far away from you.

It is not distant.

It is not political.

It is not economic.

It is not military.

The “state” is your fellow slaves.


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Date:2014-09-17 21:40

Es vēlos iemigt, bet mans draugs man blakus gultā sit savu macbook air, jo viņš ir atteicies sadarboties.

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Date:2014-09-17 22:14

šodien mego čakīsa stūrī jogurtam bija atlaide - no 1.10 eiro uz 1.09 eiro. nopietni.

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Date:2014-09-17 19:58
Subject:bailes tikt apraktam dzīvam

The fear of being buried alive became a public issue after Jacques -Bénigne Winslow, Professor of Anatomy in Paris, published in 1740 a paper on the uncertainty of the signs of death: absence of pulse or breathing were not be taking as definite marks – the onset of putrefaction alone was a reliable indicator of irreversible dissolution.

‘Lifeless’ patients who could not safely be declared dead should be subjected to resuscitation procedures: tickling the nose with a quill, shrieking into the ears, cutting the soles of feet with razors, inserting needles under nails or thrusting a hot poker up the anus. Burial should be delayed.

Increasingly, the dying left explicit requests to ensure that they were not buried alive. Some asked for their hearts to cut out, others to be embalmed. Miss Beswick, an elderly lady who died in Manchester, left 20,000 guineas to her doctor, Charles White, on condition that she was never buried.

(Roy Porter, Flesh in the Age of Reason)

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Date:2014-09-17 16:37

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Date:2014-09-17 15:43
Subject:lietas, kas mani dziivee traucee un saviljinjo

lai arii dziivee bezizeja liec kaa nokarseeta stanga muguraa spiezh, un vilshanaas ir ruugta un netverama tai nevar iesist, un dienas kuras ir neizteksmiigas kaa absurdi janvaara riiti, vai bailes un nervi kaa bezveidiigi, zobaini lietuveeni liek dveeselei un trauksmiigaam aciim shaudiities un laiks, kas muuzhiigi muljkjo ejot leeni un aatri reizee, ik pa laikam tevi uzmodinot, kad pagaajusi vesela muuzhiiba, kopsh peedeejaas reizes, kad apzinaajies sevii cilveeku un dziiviibu. tam visam paari phohujiigi leekaa kaa velninjsh njirdziigs esteetisks baudiijums

un, ja kaads nepieskaras mugurai ar roku un nepasaka, tad tu sev netici, un esi tikai paariitis acu, kas visu saredz, bet neko nepieraada. un es to pagaidaam nevaru pieraadiit, bet es domaaju, ka pasaulei vissvariigaak ir viesiem pieraadiit, jo dziives atzinju pieraadiijumi ir stuurakmenji

dazhreiz es ljoti aizskatos uz dziivi no taadas inkognito manieres kaa zvirbulis lidojot paari pilseetai, un tad pie cilveekiem juutos kaa diivains sniega cilveeks ienaacis mazaa siltaa mezha maajinjaa vakaraa, kad visi eed plaaceniishus un laapa zekjes un teerzee, visur kuustot piebradaaju silto koka griidu un visi uz mani skataas lielaam aciim un nesaprot, un es gribu iet prom atpakalj aukstajaa, vecajaa, klusajaa, miiljajaa mezhaa. jo cik gan reaali ir esot sniega cilveekam, apgjeerbties iistu cilveeku dreebees un dariit iistu cilveeku lietas tik mazaa maajinjaa.

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Date:2014-09-17 17:38

mana šodienas misija ir...

pabarot kaķi!

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Date:2017-09-24 04:37

Uzaicinaaju facebookaa gandriiz visus, ko vajadzeeja uzaicinaat.

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Date:2017-09-24 04:25

October 2014

End of war
In U.S.A. celebrations, good news for the people on front page
Bixby (Bill and Paul) money, limo's
Money: Old presidents meeting in colonial home.
Overcoming dark past
October 14, Doomsday, parade
Comet passes close to us, almost collides with earth, snow mobile accident,

November 2014

Train upside down,
Scientists, not truthful, psychotics, aliens & UFO's.
Cacti, drought, southwest
Baby chimp in mother's carrier - loving
A air of giving, using all parts and everything
News about genetics- big discovery, news about NASA
Information revealed
Titanic event

December 2014

Gavel: important court decision
UFO's, Catholics, Revelations, Pope's scandal
Peace accord attempt in the Middle East, pirates
Dignitaries signed documents
Cranberries, celebration, light in darkness
Good turn of events
Big joy! Celebrations worldwide!

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Date:2014-09-17 14:16

'who are you then?'
'i am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.'

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Date:2014-09-17 15:22
Subject:visu izdarīt

nogurums ir viltīgs.

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Date:2014-09-17 13:52

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Date:2017-09-17 21:04

Atbraucu uz Lionu atrast, kur speeleet. Es joprojaam neesmu atradis nekur labu vietu. Vienmeer paraadaas kaadi apsargi agri vai veelu vai, kaa shoreiz - bomzhu mafija. Aa jaa, es atbraucu arii atrast "Suboxonu". Es nemiilu paaraak rakstiit par praktisko pusi dziivei, jo tajaa es nejuutos speeciigs un taa man vairaak liekas lieka un trauceeklis. Es veeleetos mazaak domaat par izdziivoshanas teemaam, es veelos buut cilveeks, kas ir ieksh psihoanaliizes, teologjijas, maakslas, muuzikas, filosofijas, literatuuras utt. nevis kaa vaavere ritenii. Laikam sensorie juutas labi, domaajot tikai par praktisko, man sensorie shkiet nedaudz garlaiciigi cilveeki (kas noziimee, ka garlaiciigs ir arii mans duaalais).

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Date:2014-09-17 13:49

Stephen Marley - Rock Stone ft. Capleton, Sizzla

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Date:2014-09-17 13:13

man bija pārsteigums. pozitīvs
atnākot no atvaļinājuma nav sakrājusies kaudze pus/ne-padarītu darbu.
līdz brīdim
kad man plakš plakš blisina actiņas un saka, ka šito gan es nemaz neesmu darījis

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Date:2014-09-17 12:25
Subject:Izdomas lidojums

O! Man nupat palūdza uzrakstīt visu sapņu piepildījumu, ne ņūsleteru: vienā ēpastā saliec kopā piedāvājumus no zeķu, kreklu un alkohola tirgotājiem — un tas viss paredzēts somiem! "Nodzēri pēdējo kreklu no muguras? Mūsu interneta veikalā piedzerties var lētāk! Un par ietaupīto naudu nopērc jaunu kreklu!"

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