human is the awkward prepubescent phase between animal and machine


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The very idea of humans being some sort of natural concept is really going to change. Our bodies will be so high-tech, we won’t be able to really distinguish between what is natural and what is artificial.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution promotional video, World Economic Forum, April 13, 2016

Darām, ko varam.

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Keep an eye on Optalysys. Interesting things will probably come out of it.

Optalysys’s initial products will launch in 2017 and are expected to enable existing computers to achieve HPC-levels of performance up to an equivalent processing rate of 9 petaFLOPs – comparable to the 5th fastest computer in the world today. Following that we plan to pursue the design of larger systems capable of achieving multiple exaFLOPs by 2020.
/2015-04-27 preses relīze/

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In the future, every decision that mankind makes is going to be informed by a cognitive system like Watson, and our lives will be better for it.

/V. Rometi, IBM priekšsēdētāja un ģenerāldirektore, par esošo un topošo/

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