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kovidezinformācijas upura ikdiena - slimot 5-10 reizes gadā - "toties mani nesauks antivaxeri :)))"
Why have I caught Covid five times?

Since the pandemic started, I keep being infected while there are plenty of people who haven’t had it once – but I’m not alone

Catch covid twice, yet still get the vaxx, then catch covid again because of the vaxx and this time its's worse :D I guess the guy put two and two together after this and didn't bother getting the useless jab again?

This guy is not a learning animal :D I like how the doctor "explains," to him what happened, yet is not really explaining anything at all he is just guessing and really has no clue, but won't just admit the vaxx is a crock and is "probably," worse than useless.

So he get's the booster as well, then gets covid a week or so later, so far he's had covid four times, twice before the vaxx came out and then twice more, both times roughly two weeks after he got jabbed... When this garbage is supposed to be effective, it doesn't work properly for 14 days and runs out after 3 months and in between that you catch covid TWICE :D:D:D
Surely the guy must now twig that the vaxx is bullshit?..


Well yes the "experts," say that NOW, because it's clear the vaxx doesn't work and they can't hide it anymore, but the "experts," for a long time were telling everyone that it prevents you catching and spreading covid, but they had to move the goalposts once that became an obvious lie they could no longer defend, even though they repeated this crap for months and said it was based on scientific data, trust the science right? Now they have retreated to say the vaxx lessens symptoms and prevents serious illness, they of course have no studies or data to back this up and are pointing to lesser death numbers, which of course anyone rational knows would have happened anyway with natural immunity and the evolution of the virus into weaker strains, as it always has. But the jabbed seem to find this a comfort blanket to coddle them in their stupidity... "yes I still got covid, but it would have been much worse without the jab, thank you science." ... How do they know it would have been worse? Simple they don't nobody does, even "the science," and they don't seem interested in conducting trials to prove the remaining fig leaf they are hiding behind to claim the vaxx has any value at all.

Wow now he got covid for the fifth time, just three months after he had it the last time and three and a half months after his booster jab, he really should get his second "spring booster," after he recovers to see if he can try for some sort of record.

Yes it's a cold, you beat it twice and hardly knew you had it before the vaxx, because you are young and fit, then you got the jab and you felt like shit and were laid up in bed for a week the next time you caught covid. If you hadn't got the jab your natural antibodies would have "probably," prevented you from getting covid again, but you weakened your immune system, my thoughts on this here are more scientific than what your doctor says or the "experts," as it's based on the history of virology commonly accepted and taught for generations until this farcical covid clown show and not just a guess or wishfull thinking about the vaxx reducing symptoms without any proof.

Natural immunity plus vaccine immunity= getting covid 3 times after the vaxx rollout, when you had it twice before. I like how the "expert," phrases this, but he should have just said "Well you have natural immunity which should protect you from dying or bad symptoms." He just stitched on the vaxx immunity crap to pretend it works, when it in fact is dragging his natural immunity down.

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2022-04-06 22:38 (saite)
Sagadīšanās, krievu dezinformācija, vai iedzimtais baltā cilvēka grēka saasinājums? "Zinātne" tāč nav uzrakstījusi, pati to sev apstiprinājusi un ļāvuksi gojiem šobrīd šim ticēt, ka šitā var būt no ēēē dzīvības operētājsistēmas ar būsterpapildinājumiem.

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2022-04-07 21:19 (saite)
a kaut kā nepalaga formātā nevarētu, lūdzu?

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2022-04-08 19:20 (saite)
Var. Mrna vax ir inde, kas lēnām noārda tavu dabisko imūnisistēmu, lai tu vairāk slimotu un tev gribētos vēl vairāk vax vai jebko citu, ko piedāvā gadīgās farmas, lai tevi "izglābtu" no šīs saindēšanās. Vēl foršāk, kad tev pat nav nekas jāpērk, jo gādīgā valdība paņem no tava maciņa naudu, samaksā farmai un tev PIESPIEŽ dzert šīs nopirktās zāles. Nav pat jādomā, viss kārtībā!

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2022-04-09 09:38 (saite)
ko satraucies? no tava maciņa tak neviens neko mevar paņemt.

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выплеснуть с водой ребёнка
2022-04-08 21:42 (saite)

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