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9.12.17 19:25

No pašas pirmās reizes, kad iepazinu d&d utml. rpg setingus caur datorspēlēm, vienmēr radīja neizpratne, ka tur pilnīgi legāli drīkst pastāvēt visādas zagļu, killeru u.c. noziedznieku ģildes, totāli košer, blakus namdariem un drēbniekiem. Nu mazums kādam vajag kaut ko dabūt no kaimiņmājas rotu skapīša. Pasūti zagļa pakalpojumus. Avot, tagad kontekstā ar iepriekš minēto geimdevdizaindokumentu - kā būtu ar pedofilu ģildi. Lokālajā dvarfu hostelī iekš Poterhamas var dabūt visus vecumus līdz 16. Ar pilsētas gvardi viss saskaņots. Tad vēl orku diversantu un/vai izvarotāju ģilde. Te gan grūtāk savienot ar pakalpojumu sniegšanu. Nav kādu ideju? Kas klients? Kāds pakalpojuma statuss?

9.12.17 16:21 - =D

After Trump’s Jerusalem decision, Islamic countries around the world are rioting - including Germany.

8.12.17 06:36

Būtu forši, ja uztaisītu spēli kādā d&d vai tml tolkieniskā setingā, kur centrā ir elfu civilizācija, kas sajukusi prātā un mēģina pie sevis būvēt multikulturālu sociālismu, saaicinot savos mežos dvarfus un orkus. Jāizdomā kas un kādu mērķus vadīts būtu protagonists.

7.12.17 18:26

Sparks, kā izrādās, ir ļoti krietna grupa. Kvalitatīva ārtpopsa.

6.12.17 18:45

"Sweden has proposed banning the public use of legal document search engine Lexbase, which is used to identify the ethnic origins of Swedish criminal suspects.
In a statement posted to their website, Lexbase wrote: “The right to read these public documents easily via Lexbase will, if the proposal is adopted, be reserved to professionals, such as lawyers, journalists, and various companies.”"
ah wandah whai

Moar just sweden things"
"Eritrean migrant who shot man in the leg in Sweden while calling him racist is freed by the Swedish court because it cannot be proven that he knew the gun would fire a bullet when he pulled the trigger. This is not 1st of April. This is the Swedish court"

Un nedaudz JūGeja:
"African refugee twice jailed for sex attacks including one against a 16-year-old girl wins £110,000 payout from UK taxpayers after being jailed for too long when his home country refused to take him back"

Come to uk

3.12.17 20:37

Trying to sell any of the negative events we see recently as the responsibility of outside forces is missing the most important lesson: sort yourself out, get your own shit in order. If our society was not full of welfare, decadence and degeneracy we would have stable, harmonious families (which was the case up until the 1960s), with the resulting growth rate there would not be any arguments for immigration and nothing of the violence and culture clashes would exist. Muslims get the blame often, but they are just beggars grasping for every coin they can get. They do not have any true agency of their own and calling them evil is just like calling the HIV viruses evil if you have unprotected anal sex. We invited the Muslims here, none of them would be here if not for our actions, at whose root is sin enabled by decadence.

Not all people can handle wealth without regressing to hedonist degenerates, and the state of wealth and decadence is an evolutionary selection process just like hardship is. If you have enough of a sense of purpose to form a stable family and build a constructive future even if you can just lie back and do nothing all day, surviving off welfare, then you (where "you" is both you as genetic content and as the set of principles you live after) might have a future.

There is a yin and yang manifesting itself in societies through r-selection and K-selection, in whose extremes we find only death: on one side the male wolf tyrant enforcing a set, rigid authoritarian order eagerly taking any life to feed himself and secondly his offspring, on the other and the female sheep mother who would sacrifice her own life to feed the cuckoo child whose mouth gapes the widest. We can transcend this cyclical conflict only through understanding it, by reducing it to evolution of the mind instead of oscillation between short-term solutions favouring different biological dispositions, forgetting history's lessons between every generation. Since human lifespans are finite, an accurate and relevant account of history one of the most important and urgent objectives of humanity as a whole. As long as that exists, and to the degree that it is readily available, it will allow the fittest minds to be one step ahead of developments. For an example of this in practice, look at how "redpilled" leftist and radical feminist Camille Paglia has gotten simply through study of the fall of the Roman Empire.

We invited the devil into our house when we failed to preside over the vast prosperity that came after the era of modernization and our neutrality in WW1 and WW2. We have been a poor, hard-working nation for very long due to the harsh climate, disadvantages which were largely nullified with industrialism and global trade. Swedes become their best selves in the cold on a ration of bark bread, planning agriculture carefully to match the seasons and carefully preserving food like fish for when flash freezes kill your harvest. This is an environment where cooperation, perseverance and long-term planning are essential for survival. In modern Sweden, these premises have been turned upside down by the welfare state, a concept created by past generations of survival-focused cooperation-minded Swedes. Now you need nothing of the above, instead a moral compass, innate capacity for understanding, and the proclivity to put virtue before indulgence. Little did the builders of the welfare state know that their paradise would become a cleansing purgatory, illustrating the classic fallacy of aspiring towards static solutions when the most fundamental constant of life is struggle: Panta Rei.

3.12.17 19:54 - srsly?


3.12.17 13:54 - merkelcubes - proper gifts for a nation of imbeciles

1.12.17 01:05 - good job, diegabikši

30.11.17 23:29

Cik žēl, ka es kā balti priviliģēts tēviņš nevaru norakstīt visas savas mazspēja un feilus uz kaut kādiem ļauniem sociāliem konstruktiem, patriarhālu audzināšanu utml. bubuļiem. Nākas vot ņemt un atzīt, ka pats vien esmu savas (ne)laimes kalējs. No safe spaces.:(

30.11.17 23:16 - pravosuģije po jevropejski

29.11.17 20:09 - random doma..

..kas ienāca prātā paskatoties uz viena cita cibiņa ieraksta komentu:
Kādā veidā drīkst sargāt liberālas vērtības, lai sargāšanas instrumenti nebūtu autoritāri?
Jeb, kā pilnībā izvairīties no autoritārām metōdēm, bet tomēr panākt esošās politikas kontinutitutitāciju?
Jeb 2, kas būtu, ja visi būtu liberāļi?

27.11.17 06:41

The world is constantly rebirthing itself.

That the rise and fall of civilizations is cyclical is a fact nobody could have missed.

The civilized world has already once been destroyed 3200 years ago by the "Sea Peoples", 1600 years ago by the Goths and other Germanic peoples, I could go on...

During these transitions, some things become lost in time, while some things are preserved: destruction does not at all mean a final end but rather a cleansing fire. A sick and degenerate society cannot survive contact with survival-focused barbarians, no matter how "civilized" it is. Just consider the treatment of Goths in the Roman Empire: originally allowed in out of "tolerance", they were immediately used as pawns in Rome's internal power struggles. How can such a society survive, which lacks allegiance to, or even knowledge of what constitutes itself? What makes a society lose the will and energy to live?

Degeneracy itself is merely hedonism made available by socialism - panem et circenses. Any political leader can always pander to the masses with free stuff financed by making it harder for productive members of society to provide care for their family. This is what Roman leaders increasingly relied upon to buy popularity. Once an individual can wholly or partially rely upon the state for survival, traditional networks for survival (the family) dissolve and we get single mothers, crime, unemployment and dysgenics in a vicious circle. When the bar for survival has been removed or lowered by the state, it becomes harder to convince people to perform the hardest duty in society - risking your life as a soldier. Compare this to the early Roman era, when a legionary was awarded a small farmhouse as a pension. When these small farmers have to pay taxes to finance city dwellers on the dole, this option ceases to be viable. You end up paying barbarians instead, either as ransom money or to fight against other barbarians, or in the worst case to resolve internal power struggles. When you have reached this point, it is only a question of time until the barbarians realize they are the only hard power remaining, and that it is easier to just take what you want directly.

This does not mean that the gene pool of the dying society is wiped out, only that they suddenly must struggle on equal terms as the barbarian invaders in the remaining rubble. And so the evolutionary process goes on.
Okay, so what concrete actions should an individual take to preserve whatever is worth preserving? First, identify what is the Rome of our day (London, Paris, Brussels) and what is Byzantium (Warsaw, Budapest). We need to do all we can so that a future Belisarius has the resources needed to roll back the chaos when society in Rome has eroded to the point of civil war and anarchy - not to restore degeneracy but to ensure global order. And as this cycle goes on, we hope for less permanent losses in the destructive phase through greater foresight, and greater aversion to socialist degeneracy in the decadent phase through hindsight. After all, apart from purely biological evolutionary selection, knowledge of the past is the only thing which separates us from earlier generations.

27.11.17 01:31 - EU is ur friend (NOT)

EU Parliament Votes Against Debating Murder of White Farmers in South Africa as a Human Rights Violation

26.11.17 17:03

Forši laikam būt "profesionālam aktīvistam". Kur var pieteikties?

24.11.17 20:20 - swedening

This is the cover of a new Swedish kid's book about a transgender man who dresses like a woman and his dog-kin horse boyfriend. (The horse thinks it is a dog.

20.11.17 21:59 - :D

muh anti-white konspirasshun

20.11.17 00:43

Nus, cik tālu kurš ticis?

19.11.17 21:31 - progresa vērotāja žurnāls

A legal group is speaking out after learning that a school facilitated an 11-year-old girl’s “gender transition” behind her family’s back, and only informed them when she had become suicidal.

UK social services stole a baby girl from her biological mother and gave the baby to a couple of male homosexuals. One homosexual killed her two weeks after the adoption. She was 18 months old. The murderer claimed that she "fell down the stairs".

Canada Passes Bill 89 Allowing Government To Seize Children From Parents Opposed To Gender Transition
(Kanāda pēdējā laikā nespēj vien pārsteigt ar savu progresu - teikšu, ka uz doto brīdi neapstrīdams progresa līderis)

Church of England encourages school children to cross-dress, ‘explore’ their ‘identity’

Zviedrija *žāvz*
"In several of the immigrant suburbs of the country about half of the local population is afraid to go out in the evenings and even some during the day. The new revelation shows up in a new investigation that the police have allowed the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) to do, reports SVT. Therefore, many choose to stay indoors.

It is in southern Malmö, where Nydala, Lindängen and Rosengård suburbs are located, as well as in Botkyrka in Stockholm, where nearly half of the residents say that they feel a significant insecure in their own areas in the evenings and even during the day."

19.11.17 12:53

Technology was indeed a mistake, but Kaczynski still got it wrong when he reasoned that man's true purpose is to basically be like an animal, with everything a man does (including, one would assume, religion) being nothing but a "surrogate" for the lack of meaning an existence freed from the raw struggle for survival may bring. As invaluable as some of his insights were, the man was still basically a moderntard and still believed in moderntarded things. True traditionalism is not primitivism. Our rejection of technology does not stem from the erroneous belief that man is nothing but an animal and thus anything of an "artificial" nature is extraneous to his nature. To the contrary, since we believe that man was created in the image of God, and since it is in the nature of God to create, we also believe it is in the nature of man to create, and thus, man's artifacts are actually a "natural" expression of man's nature. Where we draw the line is when man's artifices become devoid of any spiritual component, so that rather than becoming a vehicle for man's natural desire for creative expression, which actually was present even in the making of so called "mundane" or "everyday" objects:


creation becomes a vehicle for the expression of a purely mechanistic, quantitative and ultimately "denatured" type of thinking (notice how objects made by human hands are still seen as more valuable as those made by machines, despite the fact a machine is supposedly more "precise" than any human hand) which leaves the soul starving and from thence comes the desire to acquire ever more and more material objects of increasingly complex and time consuming nature.

One of the biggest issues i have with making people understand just how traditional societies worked is precisely this. That anything in those societies was geared towards the natural fulfillment of man's spiritual needs. That this is so can be readily seen by the fact anything that in those days was considered "work" today has become "hobby" some people do for "recreation" outside their modern job. Think about that for a second.
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