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25.7.22 20:27

I in no way condone a communist, socialist, Marxist, fascist, and/or totalitarian replacement for our current system, as you've assumed, indubitably because you can conceive of no other alternative; yet for a number of decades, American capitalism treated the average American substantially better than it does today, which ipso facto proves beyond doubt that it is possible for a capitalist system to be more worker-friendly—because such a system existed.
Moreover, these MNC (multinational corporations) have global capital mobility. There is no labor mobility. That's a huge difference in terms of means of competition. Workers do not have the opportunity to move as a means of competition. Nor do domestic businesses. Nobody can access foreign capital except for the MNC.

This isn't just betraying one's own people; it hurts everybody.

This is the multiconglomerate future. Using tariffs to exclude the competition, not protect. Well. In a way, it's like protectionism for specific chosen ones... and sure as hell not for nations or the people living in the world.

24.7.22 16:46

Ko ta jūs te vasaras laikā tik daudz slimojat, pie tam vēl tik labi un droši pasargāti..

24.7.22 16:36 - es nesaprotu

tik nesaprotami kāpēc, lai kas tāds tiktu darīts


Canada has removed their "Vaccine Outcomes" tab, and the data is nowhere to be seen.

22.7.22 01:03

Mēs drīkstam apšaubīt status quo. Izņemot liberālo. To gan apšaubīt nav brīv.

20.7.22 22:54

Zivis barot ar globālistiem.

19.7.22 22:13

Mazeltov ir tipa bābas instagrams tekstuālā formā?

19.7.22 20:52

Kad cilvēks piedzeras/sapīpējas, tam iestājas īslaicīgs liberālisms.

19.7.22 20:10

Liberāļi pēc oficiāla uzsaukuma NPC antenā visi tādi asinskāri kļuvuši. I nāvessodu grib atpakaļ, i obligāto dienestu grib atpakaļ, i pat kanibālismu grib atakaļi. Based.

19.7.22 20:02 - deep atclāsme

Visi izteikti runīgie cilvēki ir meļi.

18.7.22 22:12

When Italy was taken over by Barbarians there were still plenty of territories left in the empire from which troops could have been drawn from - the Romans had the capital, the resources and the manpower to do this - what they lacked was the will.

Almost two centuries of near (constant) civil war, food shortages, infrastructure breakdown, blatant corruption, nepotism, feminism and degeneracy had left the citizens of the Roman Empire spiritually exhausted, they had stopped caring about the idea of the Res Publica and they had no vested interested in ensuring the continuation of the Roman state, they had no loyalty left to it, and thus the Western part of the Roman Empire simply ceased to be.

They say history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes, and we're seeing the same disillusionment in Western nation states today. The natives know, either consciously or subconsciously, that the ruling elites don't care about them, that the government is hostile towards them, and that there is nothing inherently German/English/American/etc. about the country they inhabit. Most already don't much care about demographic displacement or the erasure of their culture, they just look where to flee from the unwashed nigger and shitskin hordes.

18.7.22 19:52 - jautājums hāpļiem

Tad AI aizvietos arī tiesu sistēmu?

18.7.22 19:20

You can also see the supernatural effect in the cognitive dissonance that is going on in people. Just last week I had an argument with my jogging group, where they claimed that it has always been known by everyone that the vaxx doesn't protect you from infection and doesn't prevent spreading the virus to others. ??!! Those people honestly believe that, they have completely rewritten history in their minds, and there is nothing you can do to change it. These are highly intelligent PhD CompSci/Math guys, but spiritual influence can create blockades in peoples brains that make irrational things seem completely normal to them.
I wrote about this before:
What happens when your colleages, friends or relatives are oblivious to any rational argument and are instead infested with rage against the unvaccinated is that they have caught the evil spirits that have encompassed the entire globe right now (and btw., I do not believe that it is a coincidence that a pagan goddess was venerated in the Vatican shortly before all of this started).
If you try to explain what is happening with the way of thinking we were trained with, you will never understand it. Look at it with the perspective of a spiritual battle and everything makes perfect sense. The vaxx is the baptism that makes you born again, the mask is the amulet, the unvaccinated are those that have not accepted the new creed.

18.7.22 18:06

Kāpēc tas vegāns valkā kleitu?

18.7.22 16:40 - ak tad tā ja..

Ja šis ir tas, ko ukraiņi patiesi vēlas, tad droši drīkst turpināt rīt svinu.
Gribētos zināt cik lielā mērā uz vienas frekvences ir viņu globālistu līderība un ierindas pilsoņa priekšstati par to kādai būtu jābūt nākotnei.

17.7.22 23:14

16.7.22 18:43

Nebūtu slikti, ja septiņas kailas sievietes ar labām figūrām ievilktu mani mežā.

15.7.22 20:33

Brookingam atbildu angliski (lai gan nav vajadzības), lai vingrinātu savu angļu valodas rakstīt prasmi, citādi reti, kad sanāk.

15.7.22 19:32

NPC: "Oil corporations baaaad!"
NPC: "Pharma corporations goood!"

15.7.22 01:33 - XD

15.7.22 00:44 - naudas drukāšana nav brīvais tirgus

They make it really confusing
as Blackrock owns 7% of this
And Vanguard owns 4% of it
But own 7% of that
And Blackrock owns 4% of that

For everything Google, Meta(facebook), Twiiter, Apple, Netflix, Fox, Amazon, Visa, Mastercard, ebay, tesla, ford, etc...

But SSag Owns some of that which is owned by the Bank of America which is also owned in the main by Vanguard and Blackrock.

Then you have T Rowe which is owned with that over 10% by Vanguard and Blackrock

So these companies are just using money they get from pension funds and the government to not just invest. But subvert the companies to their will and force them to produce globohomo products for better ESG ratings. Why did they downgrade Netflix for allowing Chappelle to have a special to an (F RATING) for LGBTQplus issues.

This is why Everything is so shit now and there is nothing that appeals to anyone as they are chasing the ESG ratings which are a manufactured rating made by globohomo companies who are stealing other peoples money and getting free money from the government to manipulate society, while not caring about investors.
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