About LiveJournal

Here's an overview of the features that make LiveJournal interesting. Also, be sure to check out our Features by Account Type comparison chart.

  • Your Journal
    • Entries can include:
      • The basics: subject, text, and date.
      • Small pictures used to represent you.
      • Current mood text/icon and your current music.
      • Polls that automatically tabulate votes.
    • Per-entry security lets you restrict entries to just yourself or groups of your friends.
    • Comments on each entry support paging and threading (comments replying to other comments).
    • A user profile includes:
      • A mini-biography.
      • A list of your interests, another way to find other users.
      • A link to our text message gateway that won't reveal your cell phone number.
      • Who you've befriended, who's befriended you.
      • What communities you read and participate in.
    • Fully integrated photo storage with basic image and photo editing.
  • Privacy
    • You control:
      • Who can see each individual entry.
      • Who can see your contact information.
      • Who can text message you.
      • Who can leave comments, and whose comments are screened pending your approval.
      • Who can participate in individual polls.
    • Ban other users from your journal or community.
  • Customization
    • Easily modify the look of your journal, using either a template-based style system or a higher-level customization wizard.
    • For more control, program your own style with the S2 programming language.
    • Embed your journal into your own web page.
  • Friends
    • A built-in aggregator (called the "friends view") shows all of your friends' entries in one page.
    • Friend groups let you classify people for both filtering and security.
    • Syndication lets you read offsite news sources (RSS) just like they were other users.
  • Software
    • Client programs (for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and more) let you update journals without opening a web browser.
  • Social Networking
  • Interoperability
    • The RSS feed of every journal lets other sites/tools aggregate your content.
    • Full Unicode support allows you to write in any language.
    • Our site is available in many languages.
  • Open Process

This site was started for use amongst a small group of friends. The fact that it got so popular without any advertising just goes to show how cool it is. Try it out .... if you have any problems or suggestions on how it could be made better, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions
Some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about LiveJournal can be found on our FAQ page.

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