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dangling an anaconda

versijas par to, kas notika attēlā redzamajā epizodē:
- The aroused males could have been having a sexual romp with each other before the snake became entangled (Something else from the photos was notable — the male dolphins’ erect penises)
- playing seems like a pretty good answer
- adults may have been teaching the youngsters about anacondas or showing them a hunting technique
- It could have been something to rub on (researchers who study dolphins are well aware of the animals’ sexual proclivities, such as rubbing their genitals on toys or inserting their penises into objects, animate and inanimate)
- juveniles were observing because they were curious
- ????

“I don’t think that the snake had a very good time,” Dr. Reichle said.

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2022-05-05 11:27 (saite)
un tagad kopīga maltītes ieturēšana ir saucama par seksu?

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2022-05-05 11:30 (saite)
ja kopīga "kobras" rīšana ir saucama par maltīti...

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