Dead parrot. 
15.-Sep-2017 09:43 pm
Ja kādam patīk John Cleese, tad tagad ir iespēja doties uz Reddit un ar viņu pačatot.
Intervija beigusies, bet atbildes ir vērts palasīt.
15.-Sep-2017 09:48 pm
Citāti :)

Will there ever be a Python movie again?

JC - Only when the others are dead. Then I will make the definitive one.
15.-Sep-2017 09:49 pm
For his eulogy, Graham Chapman requested that you become the first person at a British memorial service to say “Fuck”. What request would you like to have honored at your own eulogy, and by whom?

I would like to do my own eulogy, and then shoot myself and then get in the coffin.
15.-Sep-2017 11:04 pm
Man patīk JC. Paldies. :)
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