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late term contraception
None of these statistics fit the standard pro-abortion narrative, which overemphasizes the hard cases and underemphasizes the external pressures working to coerce women into an unwanted abortion. Be that as it may, we can look to the state of Florida for a far more current and representative window into the reasons women choose abortion. Though it doesn’t receive much public attention, Florida records and publishes the given reason for every abortion performed within its borders.

Below you will find the percentage and reason for all 71,740 abortions that were performed in Florida in 2015:

.001% The pregnancy resulted from an incestuous relationship
.065% The woman’s life was endangered by the pregnancy
.085% The woman was raped
.288% The woman’s physical health was threatened by the pregnancy
.294% The woman’s psychological health was threatened by the pregnancy
.666% There was a serious fetal abnormality
6.268% The woman aborted for social or economic reasons
92.330% No reason (elective)

What does all this mean? It means that almost 99% of Florida abortions are performed on healthy women, with healthy babies, who chose to have sex. There was nothing problematic with the circumstances of conception and nothing problematic with the health of the mother or baby.

Secondly, according to these numbers, only 6% of Florida abortions are performed for economic reasons. Taken altogether, more than 92% of the abortions performed in Florida have nothing to do with “necessity” and everything to do with expedience.

Said differently, more than 92% of the abortions performed in Florida happen for reasons that even abortion-advocates struggle to justify.

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fetuses sold to Nestle (per day): 666 666

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