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On the concept of 'hate speech': It's a made-up term.

Certain left-wing extremist groups have tried for the longest time, unsuccessfully to claim that their ideology, policies and concepts are sound, rational and sensible. Unfortunately they've been pounded into the ground time and time again because free speech and rational thought exists to undermine, pull apart and successfully destroy these arguments every time.

"The problem is not our broken ideology," they exclaimed, "but the concept of free speech." So they set out to destroy that... and ran into some more problems, as it turns out people like to have free speech, for it allows public discourse, for ideas to be disseminated and exposed for their strengths and weaknesses.

So these extremist forces changed their strategy and decided to launch a covert attack on free speech.

The first stage was not to ban free speech, but to control it. This has been the media's primary purpose for generations, to purposefully keep the "public debate" confined to a few, select topics, but allowing completely free discussion within those topics. All unwanted topics are taboo and kept out of the spotlight via silence, suppression and keeping people's attention elsewhere. An example of this is the most simplest question anyone can ask, yet all of society has been geared to not answering: "What is money?"

The end result is that while free speech is fully allowed, the focus is purposefully kept on key topics of minor relevance, while anyone "going off the plantation" is either ridiculed or silenced.

The second stage is to create a concept which is considered sacrosanct to the general public, and must therefore never be questioned.

Even if it should be questioned.

Especially if it should be questioned.

With this concept in place (it was installed decades ago) it is then to be brought up, spoken of and mentioned as often as possible, to the point of being considered state propaganda under all other circumstances. It must be put into literature, newspapers, films and any and all other forms of media, to help make society accept it as a norm.

With this concept in place, the 'root' of the death of free speech has been put in place, and the next stage can begin.

The third stage is to start whittling away at free speech via legislation. Citing the sacrosanct concept mentioned above, legislators push to put in laws that outright ban discussing/questioning certain topics, as they're "harmful." To accomplish things, a page is borrowed from the feminist's approach to destroying society - if the regular concepts can't be used (as public discourse has shown that they're good, strong and solid) then make up new ones and use those instead. Concepts like "The Patriarchy", "Mansplaining" and of course, "Hate Speech." The media swings along in tune, using every second to tell us that these concepts are Real, and that we shouldn't question them. These 'new' concepts are then inserted into society as per usual propaganda methods.

With this campaign in place, 'hate speech laws' get put into law in more and more places by clueless politicians, as they see the inherent value of having a "NO SPEECH"-law that can be tailor-fitted when needed to stomp out certain items of discussion.

The fourth and final stage has not been implemented yet, but we all know what that is, and they'll be pushing really hard for it now, as most people have realized what their endgame is.

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free hate speech

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