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And that's just the immigrants and their descendants. Here's what nobody is talking about now but will become current in the next couple of decades: mass conversion of white people to Islam in Europe, particularly in the UK, France, Germany, Benelux, and Scandinavia. Whether Christian or atheist, a small but significant portion will convert, starting with white girls marrying foreign Muslim men and making coffee-coloured Muslim babies. It's already happening in very small numbers today. Think of your basic multicultural love story: it always ends with the white girl pregnant and veiled. In the extremely rare examples of white guys getting together with Muslim girls (when her father, brothers, and cousins are asleep, I guess), when does it ever happen that the girl has to take off her veil and go to church before the guy's parents will consent to the marriage? Ridiculous. But the opposite does happen. It's almost exclusively a one-way street. Those people are the vanguard, soon others will follow voluntarily. It doesn't have to be an extremely high percentage. 5-10% is enough, just so that by the 2030s, plainly white people professing the Muslim faith openly (beards, robes, veils) will be a common sight on the streets of major cities.

All this may sound extremely wild and might not happen in such a dramatic way, but I don't think it's that far-fetched. Literal physical cucking is becoming more accepted every day, so why not religious cucking as well? I can imagine everyone is receptive to it except Christians strong in their faith and part of strong communities. But probably the main target are atheists who long for spiritual fulfilment and discipline in their lives, but are too proud to go back to the faith of their ancestors (or don't know anything about it). Should this end up in the mainstream media, just remember where you read it first (full disclosure: it occurred to me from this article).

There is a cultural struggle between degeneracy and islam taking place. It could go both ways.

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2018-12-30 23:37 (saite)
taču Tu un Tev līdzīgie noturēsies, tad par ko mums satraukties?

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2018-12-31 02:26 (saite)
Kādu narkatu tu parasti lieto?

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