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Monday, February 19, 2018

5:30PM - A few bad apples

Uzmanīgi lasītāji ievēros, ka pie Parex kraha vainojama ne tik daudz "neveiksmīgu apstākļu sakritība - globālā finansu krīze", kā to toreiz apgalvoja Kalvītis, vai Zviedru neapdomīgā kreditēšana Latvijā, kas uzkarsēja vietējo ekonomiku, kā to toreiz apgalvoja Dombrovskis, bet gan prozaiski vienkāršāks iemesls - Parex bija t.s. kabatas banka, kas izsniedza kredītus ar bankas īpašniekiem pietuvinātām personām (atcerēsimies arīdzan Antonova Krājbanku). Šos aizdevumus nekad nebija plānots atmaksāt:

"Shortly after Magnitsky was imprisoned, a Latvian bank called Parex became a funnel for money laundering and easy cash for politically-connected individuals, according to documents in the so-called Panama Papers, a global investigative series. Among many murky deals was a $100 million loan, against no collateral, to Zhan Khudainatov, the CEO of Russian gas company Severneft, and his brother Eduard, deputy CEO and later CEO of Russian state oil company Rosneft. The Khudainatovs defaulted on $78 million to Parex despite selling assets for $403 million in 2012, according to the OCCRP.

This defaulted loan, on top of others, contributed to Parex bank’s failure in 2008. The Latvian state rescued the bank at a cost of about $1 billion dollars, a colossal sum for Latvia. It was one of the biggest costs in a national financial crisis that increased Latvia’s national debt burden six-fold, required a bailout from the International Monetary Fund and ultimately saw a tenth of the population emigrate in search of a better life.

John Christmas, a former employee of Parex bank, said he alerted Rimsevics as back as 2005, detailing how Parex was operating illegally and not carrying out proper checks on its loans.

“They refused to talk to me,” he says. Instead, he says he began receiving death threats and had to flee the country."

Ko mēs te varam saskatīt? Valsts nozagšana - signālus apzināti ignorēja gan Latvijas Bankas prezidents, gan prokuratūra - šīs institūcijas bija (ir?) nopirktas. [Ko nu tur par politiķiem - tas pats stāsts. Partijas tieši un netieši finansēja šie paši šeftmaņi baņķieri. Nopirkti cilvēki nav jau tikai monetāri - varu saderēt, ka izmantoti visi instrumenti, ieskaitot nāves draudus. Šīs nav joka spēlītes.]

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Ex-Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen

Šis cilvēks ir AS Norvik Bankas valdes loceklis. Vai NATO ģenerālsekretārs vēlētos būt apzināti iesaistīts krievu ieroču biznesa naudas atmazgāšanā? Retorisks jautājums.

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"Guselnikov says that Kokins did not only ask him for bribes, he wanted Norvik Bank to launder money. At one meeting, Kokins suggested that Norvik bank allow the transit of $100 million from Russia, and keep $1 million as a payment for the service. He said the transfer would be arranged by a man named German Miloush from Russia.

Kokins and Miloush were partners in business, according to corporate filings that show Kokins worked for Miloush’s BMW dealership in Riga, signing annual reports.

Miloush himself is an internationally wanted criminal. He was convicted in 2007 in Latvia for bribing politicians and fled the country. Ten years later, he was arrested on an Interpol warrant upon arriving in Cyprus, an EU member state, from Moscow."

"The data also show Rimsevics has visited Russia regularly in recent years — making at least 8 trips since 2010. Most of those were before Latvia was allowed into the EU’s currency union, the euro, in 2014 and before the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula that triggered Western sanctions against Russia. After that, the data show Rimsevics visited Russia via Belarus, a neighboring Russian ally that shares border data with Moscow.

On one trip, in 2010, Rimsevics went on what appears to be a hunting trip, according to photos obtained by the AP. In one of the photos, he is pictured with Dmitry Pilshchikov, who was then the head of the Research Institute of Information Technology, a Russia-owned military tech company later sanctioned by the U.S."

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4:54PM - Laba bilde

Ilmars Rimsevics (im blauen Pullover)

Der festgenommene lettische Zentralbankchef im Sommer 2010: Am Tisch unter anderem der Chef eines russischen Rüstungsherstellers.

(Foto: AP)

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Interesanti, ka Eiropas Centrālā banka uzrauga šādas Latvijas kredītiestādes, kas, pēc viņu kritērjiem, ir vietēji nozīmīgas:

AS SEB banka
Swedbank AS

Savukārt, mūsu pašu Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija šim sarakstam ir pievienojusi arī:

AS Citadele banka
AS Rietumu Banka
Luminor Bank AS

Sarakstu FKTK pēdējo reizi atjaunojusi 31.10.2017. Eiropas Centrālā banka savu sarakstu atjaunoja 05.12.2017.

Kā tas nākas, ka Eiropas Centrālās bankas saraksts neatspoguļo FKTK viedokli par "sistēmiski nozīmīgām iestādēm"?

Saprotams, ka uzraudzīt, piemēram, Rietumu Banku, ECB sagādātu lielas galvas sāpes, bet darbiņš pats sevi nedarīs.

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Arvils Ašeradens (Ekonomikas ministrs): ABLV Bank ir sistēmiska banka
Ģirts Rungainis ("Prudentia" investīciju baņķieris): ABLV Bank nav sistēmiska banka
Māris Kučinskis (Ministru prezidents): ABLV Bank nav tik sistēmiski svarīga
Dana Reizniece-Ozola (Finanšu ministre): ABLV Bank nav sistēmiska banka
Gunta Razāne (FKTK priekšsēdētāja vietniece): ABLV banka nav sistemātiska banka
Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija (FKTK) : ABLV ir sistēmiski nozīmīga banka
Eiropas Centrālā banka: ABLV Bank ir sistēmiski nozīmīga banka

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1:55PM - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

4:22PM - Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rory Stewart Debate Human Rights

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1:10PM - One Last Interview w/ Shimon Peres

I told [Putin] more. “When an American wakes up in the morning, what does he see? Mexico in the south, and they accept Mexicans in their country. Canada in the north, they are the best friends in the world. And on the right and on the left, there are fish in the water.

“What does Obama have to worry about? You, you wake up in the morning, whom do you have? Japan, China, Afghanistan? My God! They know that you have plenty of land, and you don’t give them a penny. You have 20 percent of the sweet water, and you give nothing. So when the snow in Siberia melts, the first thing you will see there are Chinese. Because there are plenty of Chinese in the east, and not so many Russians.”

The second thing I told him was: “America has the best proportion between the size of the land and the size of the people. You here have the worst. Twenty million square kilometers. My God. But what you don’t have are people. Your people are dying. Don’t be impressed by the applause and what people are saying. They won’t forgive you. Why do Russians live for only 62 years, while Americans will live 82 years?”... tālāk ... )

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1:28AM - Stanley Druckenmiller- Unconventional Investing

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

12:22PM - Do you even lift bro?

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11:36AM - Neat idea

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

10:19AM - So true

"Sometimes tech reminds me rich, bored, stay at home SO's that are constantly redecorating their house. Not because they need it, but because they are bored and the next trendy design looks cool anyway."

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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"My dear sir, it is not the things’ intrinsic value that we look at. They are the symbols of victory, labels of the winners; it is the fame attached to them that is worth any price to their holders; that is why the man whose quest of honor leads through toil is content to take his kicks. No toil, no honor; he who covets that must start with enduring hardship—when he has done that, he may begin to look for the pleasure and profit his labors are to bring."

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

9:27PM - You wanna guess what that number is in Latvia?

"In a country that has long been a target for Russia’s espionage, Zinchenko was the 10th convicted spy in 9 years and the first among them who had been recruited by the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence service."

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Friday, February 9, 2018


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Thursday, February 8, 2018


No šīs pašas dienas: tēma slēgta uz divām nedēļām, ieskaitot brīvdienas.

Pēc šī termiņa, tas var beigties tikai divos veidos: laimīgās beigās vai eskalācijā.

Ja iznākums būs apmierinošs, visi ar tēmu saistītie ieraksti tiks dzēsti. Basta.

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Kliedējot zināmu pieņēmumu aplamību: ja kāds mani uzskata par pimpi—tā nav problēma. Ļoti iespējams, ka patiešām esmu viens liels pimpis. Lai tā būtu. Mēģināšu sadzīvot ar šo lomu. Nav tā, ka nejūtos savā ādā. Kā smejies—arī pimpis eksistē ar nolūku. Piemēram, lai kādu drāztu. Paldies par uzmanību.

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9:45AM - Developers, developers, developers, developers

[info]mindbound (Areta) parādu reģistrs dod ieskatu par to, kam Arets ir parādā te pat Cibā.

No kāda lasītāja saņēmu ziņu, ka Arets ar to pazīstams arī citās kopienās.

Brīdinu, ka saite satur necenzētu leksiku—#developerslv@freenode čata arhīvs.

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9:45AM - Filatēlija

Vakar [info]mindbound (Arets) atrakstīja, ka ir sekmīgi "ieskaitījis pilnu summu no pasta".

Visu notikumu kontekstā, varētu šķist, ka tā ir lieliska ziņa. Diemžēl, ir dažas problēmas.

Kā jau rakstīju, Arets devās uz pastu 6. februāra rītā.

Taču, līdz pat šim rītam, nauda vēl nav parādījusies kontā. Vai tiešām arī pastam šis uzdevums būs par grūtu?

Pagaidīsim vēl vienu dienu. Vismaz personīgi varu teikt, ka saglabāju ticību Latvijas pastam—došu ziņu rīt.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

1:00PM - Mīlestība vai nauda?

[info]mindbound (Arets): "Tās gan parasti nav savstarpēji izslēdzošas lietas, bet, ja būtu noteikti jāizvēlas tikai vienu, tad pēdējo."

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9:22AM - Iegūst visi

Parādu atmaksas rubrikas sakarā, šoreiz jaunumi par kādu citu [info]mindbound (Areta) parāda atmaksu:

[info]ingmars ir uzrakstījis labu kopsavilkumu. Arets ņemšot ātro kredītu, ja citas iespējas nebūs.

Šlesers gribēja Latvijas pasta banku, bet oligarham Šķēlem, kā zināms, ir daļas ātro kredītu biznesā.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

5:51PM - Divi vienā

Ir jaunumi [info]mindbound (Areta) parāda atmaksas sakarā:

Arets šodien piecēlās agrāk kā parasti, lai aizietu uz pastu. Tas saistīts ar grūtībam nosūtīt naudu no bankas konta.

Pasts var izrādīties uzticamāka iestāde par bankām arī 21. gs. Ne velti oligarhs Šlesers tik ļoti kāroja izveidot Pasta Banku!

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Monday, February 5, 2018


Kā solīts, neliela atskaite par jaunumiem [info]mindbound (Areta) parāda atmaksas sakarā:

Arets apgalvo, ka pārskaitījumu ir izdarījis. Nauda tomēr nav ienākusi. Diemžēl, Arets šobrīd netiek pie sava datora.

Ziņosim par notikumu tālāku attīstību, kad Arets tiks pie sava datora, lai pārbaudītu, kas noticis ar pārskaitījumu.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

4:08PM - George Friedman interviews Zbigniew Pisarsk

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1:26PM - George Friedman & Andrey Sushentsov: Exclusive Discussion on US-Russia Relations

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12:24AM - George Friedman at Brain Bar Budapest

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Friday, February 2, 2018

9:53AM - Jan Karski about his meeting with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1943

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Thursday, February 1, 2018


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Sunday, January 28, 2018

11:13PM - Šeflers

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9:08PM - Data goldmine

"I found several border crossings between Russia, Finland and Norway that doesn't seem entirely legal."

"I found both activity at Pyongyang and what appears to be a smuggling route from China into NK."

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3:17PM - Tiem bija viss viena alga: vai gulēt zem akmens vai saulītē

Atjaunoju ierakstu, jo [info]mindbound (Arets) savu apņemšanos tomēr nav izpildījis un parādu nav atdevis. Tikko piezvanīju, lai uzzinātu, kas tad šoreiz noticis. Nē, nekas konkrēts. Viņš vienkārši bija sapratis citādi. Proti, ka tikai ieskaitīs naudu svētdien. Tātad, manā kontā tā varētu parādīties rīt, vēlākais parīt. Protams, padalīšos ar jaunumiem šajā sakarā. Watch this space. Līdz pēdējam ceru, ka pats neesmu kaut ko nepareizi sapratis. Proti, jaunajā, pārsteidzošajā pasaulē, kur trashumānisms zels un plauks, taču nepārstās strādāt arī piezemētākas lietas (piemēram, divu—kā šķiet—racionālu aģentu saistību izpilde)?

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Friday, January 26, 2018

10:48PM - Аквариум - Поезд в огне

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11:31AM - 7% - malači, tie, kas nogremdēja

Skvernelis: "This project ["LNG" liquid gas terminal in Klaipeda] is highly important for us. I am not questioning the price we paid in implementing this project. However, we provide gas supply to Latvia and Estonia even though we did not manage to reach an agreement among the Baltic States to make Klaipeda a regional gas supply centre for the Baltic States. If we had managed to make the LNG terminal in Klaipeda a regional project, we could have used financial support from the European Union, leading to a decrease in the gas prices for the whole region. [..] We are still working towards this and we are still seeking a common regional gas market. Because there is an underground gas storage facility in Latvia and Estonia also has a small gas terminal. If we had agreed on the project before and attracted European Union support, we could have decreased the gas prices for the consumers of the Baltic States by seven percent. This could have also contributed to the competitiveness of our region."

"Kā stāsta Latvijas ekonomikas ministrs Ašeradens, Latvijas patērētājiem kuģa atpirkšana visdrīzāk nozīmētu gāzes tarifu palielināšanos."

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9:48AM - Flāmi labi fleimo

"The team uses a CNA, which stands for Computer Network Attack. These hackers are permitted to perform offensive operations: to penetrate and attack hostile networks. It's a relatively small team within a larger digital business unit of about 80-100 people. All cyberoperations converge here. Part of the unit is focused on intercepting or managing sources, while another team is dedicated to Computer Network Defence. In turn, this team is part of the Joint Sigint Cyber Unit, a collaborative unit of the AIVD and the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service MIVD, of about 300 people."

"The Cozy Bear hackers are in a space in a university building near the Red Square. The group's composition varies, usually about ten people are active. The entrance is in a curved hallway. A security camera records who enters and who exits the room. The AIVD hackers manage to gain access to that camera. Not only can the intelligence service now see what the Russians are doing, they can also see who's doing it. Pictures are taken of every visitor. In Zoetermeer, these pictures are analyzed and compared to known Russian spies."

"What follows is a rare battle between the attackers, who are attempting to further infiltrate the State Department, and its defenders, FBI and NSA teams - with clues and intelligence provided by the Dutch. This battle lasts 24 hours, according to American media.

The Russians are extremely aggressive but do not know they're being spied on. Thanks to the Dutch spies, the NSA and FBI are able to counter the enemy with enormous speed. The Dutch intel is so crucial that the NSA opens a direct line with Zoetermeer, to get the information to the United States as soon as possible."

"Access to Cozy Bear turns out to be a goldmine for the Dutch hackers. For years, it supplies them with valuable intelligence about targets, methods and the interests of the highest ranking officials of the Russian security service. From the pictures taken of visitors, the AIVD deduces that the hacker group is led by Russia's external intelligence agency SVR."

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Thursday, January 25, 2018


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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

1:02PM - Nemirstība

[Ieraksts izņemts līdz Svētdienai. Ļoti motivējoši.]

[Ieraksts Svētdien arī atjaunots, jo naudas kontā nav.]

Es ļoti ceru, ka zinātnieki drīz atkodīs nemirstības problēmu, jo lielajam transhumānistam [info]mindbound (Arets Paeglis) noteikti vajadzēs vēl vairākas dzīves, lai atmaksātu €150 parādu, ko es viņam aizdevu saistībā ar ikdienišķiem sarežģījumiem šajā grēcīgajā dzīvē uz planētas Zeme.

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Monday, January 22, 2018


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10:02AM - r > g

"As capitalism matures, it's clear to anyone with a thread of financial literacy that most wealth is created through capital gains rather than salary. We're approaching a state (at least in developed countries) where productivity is so high, that you can literally park your money in 500 of the biggest businesses and you're almost guaranteed a 7% annual return (if you hold stocks for the long term).

Using the commonly accepted safe withdraw rate of 4%, if you inherit $3 million (which is not even that much), you can safely collect $120,000 of capital gains/dividend income every year without doing anything. This also frees you up to work on other things that will acquire you even more wealth. People whose parents didn't leave them a large inheritance have to rely on salary, which is taxed at a higher rate and more difficult to earn.

In effect, late stage capitalism becomes the anti-thesis of the spirit of capitalism - devoid of competition, free innovation, and upward mobility. In an ideal capitalism society, the most talented should earn the most, but the compounding effect of capital makes it so that whoever holds wealth the longest earns the most."

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

4:25PM - Puff piece

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"According to Smith, the most pressing dangers came not from the state acting alone, but the state when captured by merchant elites. [B]eing granted militarily-backed private monopolies was far easier than having to compete on the open market by lowering prices and improving quality. The merchants in this manner constantly conspired to capture the state, defrauding the public by using political power to promote their own sectional advantage. [..] Under absolutely no circumstances, Smith thought, should merchants be put in charge of politics. Their monopolistic conspiracies would be ‘destructive’ to all countries ‘which have the misfortune to fall under their government’. [..] The true ‘science of a statesman or legislator’ consisted in deciding how best to govern the merchants’ nefarious activities. Effective politicians had to strike a balance between granting economic elites the liberty to pursue legitimate commercial activities, while also applying control when such activities became vehicles for exploitation."

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Friday, January 19, 2018

12:45PM - TIL, Philby got nothing on this guy

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


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Monday, January 15, 2018


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Saturday, January 13, 2018

11:48PM - Rail Baltica

NATO’s Problem in Europe Is Mobilization ( )

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"For many decades, U.S. officials have been keenly aware that, because of the consulate’s proximity to Silicon Valley, educational institutions such as Stanford and Berkeley, and the large number of nearby defense contractors and researchers — including two Energy Department-affiliated nuclear weapons laboratories — Russia has used San Francisco as a focal point for espionage activity.

[..] One former senior counterintelligence executive, for example, recalled the “disproportionate number” of science- and technology-focused Russian intelligence officers based in San Francisco, some of whom were experts in encryption and were tasked with identifying new developments in such technologies in Silicon Valley.

[..] Over time, multiple former intelligence officials told me, the FBI concluded that Russia was engaged in a massive, long-running, and continuous data-collection operation: a mission to comprehensively locate all of America’s underground communications nodes, and to map out and catalogue the points in the fiber-optic network where data were being transferred.

[..] Russian operatives appeared to be actively attempting to penetrate communications infrastructure — especially where undersea cables came ashore on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. They were “pretty sure” said a former intelligence official that, on at least one occasion on land, a Russian operative successfully broke into a data closet (a telecommunications and hardware storage center) as part of an attempt to penetrate one of these systems.

But what was “really unnerving,” said the former senior counterintelligence executive, was the Russians’ focus on communication nodes near military bases. According to multiple sources, U.S. officials eventually concluded that Moscow’s ultimate goal was to have the capacity to sever communications, paralyzing the U.S. military’s command and control systems, in case of a confrontation between the two powers. “If they can shut down our grid, and we go blind,” noted a former intelligence official, “they are closer to leveling the playing field,” because the United States is widely considered to possess superior command and control capabilities.

[..] Suspected Russian operatives were appearing in places that had recently been, or were later, part of Russian flyovers. [..] If they appeared afterward, U.S. officials believed that the Russians had identified a potential object of interest (such as a fiber-optic node) and wanted in-person confirmation on what previously been identified during a flyover. There is simply “no substitute for someone literally going to locations and recording GPS coordinates,” said the former senior counterintelligence executive. “From 30,000 feet, you’re not necessarily going to have accuracy if you’re pinpointing a portal.”

[..] Russia has aggressively exploited its diplomatic presence in San Francisco for decades, and the United States has historically responded in kind. In 1983, for instance, the State Department issued new guidelines forbidding Soviet diplomats and journalists from visiting Silicon Valley."

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