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Friday, March 16, 2018


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1:04PM - Labāk vērsties pret patiesības izgaismotāju (Neo), nevis galveno cēloni (root cause)

"Everyone in Latvia has known for many years that Parex used to and ABLV still does launder Russian Mafia money. But somehow the ECB doesn’t know, even though the ECB is the regulator for ABLV. How can two million Latvians know something however the regulator doesn’t?

Also, the ECB must know that Rimsevics is corrupt and working in the interests of Parex and ABLV. For example, after Rimsevics organized the fraudulent Parex bailout, he was caught by whistleblower ‘Neo’ paying a large secret bonus for himself using the small bit of Latvian taxpayer money that hadn’t already been stolen. And then, prosecution commenced against ‘Neo’ instead of against Rimsevics, at the request of ABLV."

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

1:19PM - Viens cilvēks cietumā

"As a result of the fraudulent Parex bailout, billions of dollars have been stolen from Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, and Moldovan people every year since then and still continuing now in 2018. Only one person is in prison, and he was one of the protestors. The crooks who are stealing the money are all free."

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11:42AM - Porziņģis. Squat, bench, deadlift bro.

"Nemaz nesatraucos, jo ticu, ka es laukumā atgriezīšos labāks un spēcīgāks. Ja tam vajadzēja notikt, labāk, lai tas notiek tagad, jo es varēšu atlikušos mēnešus šosezon un visu starpsezonu strādāt pie sava ķermeņa," Porziņģis teica žurnālistiem 13. martā, kad pirmo reizi pēc traumas gūšanas apmeklēja "Knicks" spēli. "Izmantošu iespēju, lai kļūtu lielāks un spēcīgāks. Es nezinu, cik mēneši man būs nepieciešami, bet es tos mēģināšu izmantot pēc iespējas efektīvāk. Gribu atgriezties laukumā kā labāks spēlētājs."

Patiešām labs nodoms, jo:

"Many NBA players are introduced to strength training once they're in the league. By then, it’s almost too late.

However, the fact that these naturally strong NBA players don’t take up on serious strength training is the reason we see so many ACL and MCL tears in the NBA. Their bodies can’t handle the wear and tear. The impact and stress an 82 game season has on the lower body can’t be described in words. Many NBA players aren’t physically prepared for the beating their body is set to take in a season and overtime their muscles get beat to death, that’s when you see injuries.

Had these players been in the weight room, or even with their bodyweight performed some serious strength training, they would be able to not only survive the 82 game season, but dominate it. It’s pretty scary when an NBA player tells me they never started lifting weights till they got to the league. I know they’ll suffer one injury and it’ll have a domino effect."

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Mūsu pašu Borisam [Karpichkov] varētu būt izrādījusies taisnība, ka runa ir par sarakstu (hit-list), nevis vienu atsevišķu gadījumu [no shit, Sherlock]:

"On 13 March 2018, friends of Glushkov revealed that he had been found dead the night before in his home in London′s New Malden. His death was treated by police as unexplained. His body was found with strangulation marks on the neck. His death came a week after the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, which along with his reputation as a critic of the Putin government, was said to be the reason for putting the Counter Terrorism Command in charge of the investigation. Glushkov reportedly feared being on Putin's hit list and expected to be a likely target"

"He noted that a large number of Russian exiles, including Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko, had died under mysterious circumstances. “Boris was strangled. Either he did it himself or with the help of someone. [But] I don’t believe it was suicide,” Glushkov said. “Too many deaths [of Russian emigres] have been happening.”

Glushkov continued to investigate the circumstances surrounding Berezovsky’s death for some months. He conceded that in the period before his friend’s death they had quarrelled. In 2013 Glushkov emailed a friend: “I have a lot of new facts that are of great interest.” "

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

7:49PM - Tikai hipotēze

Starp citu, kāpēc Inbokss izšķīrās par tik nerentabla aktīva iegādi no [info]watt? Agrāk Rokpelnim bija nozīmēta regulāra tikšanās konspiratīvajā KGB dzīvoklī, bet kur šodien var uzzināt par nosacītās Latvijas inteliģences "noskaņojumu" ja ne no Cibas slēptajiem "tikai draugiem" ierakstiem? Protams, līdz ar lielāku starptautisko spēlētāju ienākšanu, šis plāns ir nedaudz izgāzies, bet sākotnējais nodoms nebija nemaz tik peļams. Skatīt arī Krievijas paralēli—kurš nopirka LiveJournal?

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6:40PM - Runā Sviesta Cibas ( īpašnieks

"Es neaiztāvu Putinu. Krimu noanektēja, un tas tā! Tas ir skaidrs. Kam pieder Sevastopole, tam pieder Melnā jūra. Tās diskusijas ir bezgalīgas. (..) Iemācamies norīt nepatīkamo. (..) Nav Krievijas armijas, nav pierādījumu, neviena! Ukraiņi kaut kur ne tur iešāva "Buku" holandiešu lidmašīnai, baigā šmuce, skaidrs, bet tas nebija krievu oficieris, seržants Petrovs, Sidorovs, Ivanovs, ne-bi-ja," — savu emocionālo runu noslēdza Griķis."

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12:19PM - They keep their property in the West

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Monday, March 12, 2018

10:40PM - Izsakās bijušais SAB darbinieks

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Arets šoreiz ir turējis savu vārdu—parāds šodien ir atdots. Saskaņā ar vienošanos, visi ieraksti šīs tēmas sakarā būs dzēsti.

Update (21:25 CET): Ieraksti vairs nav pieejami.

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

12:21PM - Russian Asiatic morality exposed

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

10:39AM - Sūdainais zīda ceļš

"Although it was buried halfway through the text, [..] a top analyst with the National Security Council, wanted to target Russian President Vladimir Putin directly. Wallander “proposed leaking snippets of classified intelligence to reveal the secret bank accounts in Latvia held for Putin’s daughters — a direct poke at the Russian president that would be sure to infuriate him.”

The release of the new information — especially as it pertains to Putin’s daughters, who have both long been shrouded in mystery — comes at an inauspicious time for Russian oligarchs who had been looking to Latvia to move and clean their dirty, kleptocratic monies into the West.

Latvia had long served as the gateway for post-Soviet dictatorships to funnel their funds into the West, with the country offering accounts to non-residents that would allow them to shuffle their wealth into real estate markets across Europe and North America.

But it wasn’t only Russian oligarchs, Kazakh bankers, and Kyrgyz autocrats who took advantage of the system: As Bloomberg’s Leonid Bershidsky pointed out, one Latvian bank was even connected to a series of companies involved in the “business dealings” of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign chair. Small wonder that the Department of Justice recently singled out Latvia — alongside Russia — for helping move “billions of dollars globally” into U.S.-based shell companies.

That, however, might finally be starting to change. Over the past month, the U.S. Department of Treasury has focused on dirty banking in Latvia, recently accusing one of the largest Latvian banks of “institutionalized money laundering” — and of even helping North Korea fund its domestic missile program. The crackdown coincided with the arrest of the country’s central bank governor, caught amidst a wider anti-corruption probe.

The move against Latvia’s banking industry is, indeed, the latest evidence of the Treasury Department taking the lead when it comes to cracking down on the kind of kleptocratic tools that have taken root in any number of countries — and which Russian operatives employed to co-opt Western actors and politicians alike. While the White House continues to waffle when it comes to implementing sanctions against Moscow, the Treasury Department, or at least the department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, has shown what’s possible when anti-kleptocratic efforts are taken seriously."

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Friday, March 9, 2018


DigiDoc sertifikāta verificēšanas sakarā, vakar atradu interesantu dokumentu.

Bail skatīties sīkāk & tālāk. There be dragons.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018


"We have seen Chechens gunned down in Turkey and Austria. We have seen an Estonian security officer kidnapped from his own country by FSB commandos. We have seen hacks, smears, blackmail and gangsterism. And the ghost of Litvinenko still rightly haunts Anglo-Russian relations."

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12:33AM - Antifragile

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Nerunājot par to, kas ir likumīgi vai nelikumīgi, jo tas ir visai triviāls jautājums (un tieši tāpēc neinteresants) — kāpēc vērtēt grautiņus kā sliktu parādību?

Ko sēsi, to pļausi. 1905. gada nekārtībās taču dzima ideja pret patvaldību.

Vai tad vēršanās pret Neo (Poikāns) nebija korumpētas varas kliķes (ABLV tai skaitā) angažēta?

Tas ir viens no tautai pieejamajiem instrumentiem—atgādināt, ka leģitīmās vardarbības monopols ir tikai ilūzija.

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1:49PM - Pa straumi, pret straumi

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Monday, March 5, 2018

9:39PM - Slomo: The Man Who Skated Right Off the Grid | Op-Docs | The New York Times

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Sunday, March 4, 2018


Abstract: "Analysis of the mid-Victorian period in the U.K. reveals that life expectancy at age 5 was as good or better than exists today, and the incidence of degenerative disease was 10% of ours. Their levels of physical activity and hence calorific intakes were approximately twice ours. They had relatively little access to alcohol and tobacco; and due to their correspondingly high intake of fruits, whole grains, oily fish and vegetables, they consumed levels of micro- and phytonutrients at approximately ten times the levels considered normal today. This paper relates the nutritional status of the mid-Victorians to their freedom from degenerative disease; and extrapolates recommendations for the cost-effective improvement of public health today."

"It shows that medical advances allied to the pharmaceutical industry’s output have done little more than change the manner of our dying. The Victorians died rapidly of infection and/or trauma, whereas we die slowly of degenerative disease. It reveals that with the exception of family planning, the vast edifice of twentieth century healthcare has not enabled us to live longer but has in the main merely supplied methods of suppressing the symptoms of degenerative diseases which have emerged due to our failure to maintain mid-Victorian nutritional standards [38]. Above all, it refutes the Panglossian optimism of the contemporary anti-ageing movement whose protagonists use 1900 – a nadir in health and life expectancy trends - as their starting point to promote the idea of endlessly increasing life span. These are the equivalent of the get-rich-quick share pushers who insisted, during the boom, that we had at last escaped the constraints of normal economics. Some believed their own message of eternal growth; others used it to sell junk bonds they knew were worthless."

"The mid-Victorian gene pool was not significantly different to our own, yet their incidence of degenerative disease was approximately 90% less [24]. In the high-nutrient mid-Victorian environment, the vast majority of the population was protected; and the combination of high levels of physical activity and an excellent diet enhanced the expression of a coordinated array of health-promoting genes."

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Saturday, March 3, 2018


"If the tallit katan is worn not as a matter of course but as a matter of belief, it has then become a ritual object. A ritual can no more be approximated than an incantation can be summarized. Its essence lies in its accuracy. It is that accuracy that religious Jews are now seeking. The flood of works on halakhic prerequisites and correct religious performance accurately reflects the ritualization of what had previously been routine acts and everyday objects. It mirrors the ritualization of what had been once simply components of the given world and parts of the repertoire of daily living. A way of life has become a regula, and behavior, once governed by habit, is now governed by rule.

[..] Habit is static; theoretical knowledge is dynamic and consequential, as ideas naturally tend to press forward to their full logical conclusions. “Only the extremes are logical” remarked Samuel Butler, “but they are absurd.” No doubt. What is logical, however, is more readily agreed upon than what is absurd. When the mean is perceived as unconscionable compromise, the extreme may appear eminently reasonable."

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Friday, March 2, 2018


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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


"I was finished with moderate men of all shades of opinion forever more."

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"He is reduced to sending secret messages at the bottoms of people’s suitcases, only to find to his horror that even when they successfully reach the Guardian offices back in Britain, his bosses have no interest in publishing them because they offend the prejudices of its progressive readership.

Guardian readers don’t look at the newspapers to hear bad things about the Soviet Union! Guardian readers want to hear about how the Glorious Future is already on its way! He is quickly sidelined in favor of the true stars of Soviet journalism, people like Walter Duranty, the New York Times‘s Russia correspondent, who wrote story after story about how prosperous and happy and well-fed the Soviets were under Stalin, and who later won the Pulitzer Prize for his troubles.

This part of our intellectual history is kind of forgotten. Who hears about Sidney and Beatrice Webb nowadays? Who hears about Walter Duranty? Yet these people during their times were absolute titans, “thought leaders” in the modern terminology – as per Muggeridge, Duranty “came to be accepted as the great Russian expert in America, and played a major part in shaping President Roosevelt’s policies vis-a-vis the USSR”. We hear a lot about our moral failures in terms of not stopping the Holocaust, but our quarter-century complicity with and even adulation of Stalinism seems like one of those facts that just fell by the wayside.

Part of my respect for contrarians is that contrarianism is this incredibly fragile and precious art which needs to be kept alive for the times it is needed – rare times, times that hopefully won’t come up in our lifetimes, but times that, when they do come, desperately need a core of people willing to stand up to the establishment. Cultivating contrarianism is a lot like owning a gun – you get a heck of a lot of opportunities to shoot yourself in the foot, but also very occasionally one opportunity to save your life."

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Kučinskis: "Tas, ko neparedzējām, bija [..] robotiņa izmantošana pasaules informatīvās telpas pārpludināšanā ar 2010. gada bildi."

Joprojām tiek uzturēts mīts par Associated Press sindikāciju kā daļu no plānotas active measures operācijas, kuru organizējis kāds trešais spēks.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

12:17PM - Latvija būs dzinulis sakārtot Eiropas banku uzraudzības sistēmu! Spēcīgi!

Update: Piedodiet, saskaņoju alternatīvu komentāru ar Aizsardzības Ministriju: aizdomas raisa fakts, ka par Latviju raksta "US News". Līdz šim par Latviju un līdzīgām tēmām nav rakstījuši, bet te—pēkšņi! Vai tas ir organizēts uzbrukums?

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

1:22AM - Bingo

"Он (Римшевич) напрасно берет пример с азиатских соседей и олицетворяет государство с собой. Он совсем не Латвия. Это стандартная привычка людей, долгое время находящихся в неограниченной и неконтролируемой власти, олицетворять себя не только с креслом и обязанностями, но и с интересами людей, которые тебя наняли эти обязанности выполнять. Ну а про скоординированную атаку... Это не может вызывать ничего, кроме улыбки — вы верите в то, что кто-то рулит одновременно латвийскими правоохранительными органами, Минфином США и крупнейшими информационными агентствами?"

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

9:18AM - Move along people, nothing to see here (:

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8:16AM - Facepalm

Dombrava nesaprot, ka bildes pirmais publikācijas avots ir Associated Press, nevis ziņu sindikātors

Tas pats stāsts--nav sapratis, ka šādas lapeles publicē visu ar birku "AP Exclusive".

Interesantāki gan ir "reverse DNS" rezultāti, kas liecina par automātisku ģenerāciju un tāpēc ir izpētes vērti.

Update: Papētiju šos it kā nejauši ģenerētos domēnus ar dīvainām ciparu kombinācijām. Izrādās, ka lielākā daļa ir pavisam parastas ASV konservatīvo kristiešu radio stacijas. Acīmredzot, "Salem Interactive Media" viņiem ir pārdevuši ideju par nelielu mājaslapas izveidi. Cipari norāda uz AM vidējo viļņu radio stacijas frekvenci. Pielikumā izveidoju saites, kas ņemtas no Dombravas ļaunās Krievu botu impērijas:

... tālāk ... )

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


NBS analīzi īsāk var izteikt ar šādu domu gājienu:

1. Kā var novērot, daudzi tiešsaistes ziņu avoti nolēmuši pārpublicēt Associated Press rakstu par Rimšēviču
2. Tātad, pret Latvijas valsti ir veikta labi organizēta dezinformācijas kampaņa. Kā zinām, tas ir hibrīdkara elements.

Tas diemžēl neiztur kritiku, jo identisku pieeju varam atkārtot arī ar citiem "AP Exclusive" materiāliem.

Rezultāts būs tas pats — mazākas vai lielākas reģionālās avīzes, kas nevar atļauties pašas būt "newsmakers", bieži pārpublicē sindicētu saturu.

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Intereses pēc paskatījos. NBS laikam nebūs dzirdējuši par sindikāciju.

Idaho Press pārpublicē daudz materiālus no AP. Tāpat kā mūsu avīzes pārpublicē LETA:

Kopumā interesanti, kāpēc šāds paziņojums un analīze nāk no NBS, nevis SAB.

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Case #1

"A man believed to be one of Russia's most capable agents, arrested in Cyprus this week as a suspect in the spy ring, has almost certainly fled the island, the justice minister, Loucas Louca, said. Less than 72 hours after he was last seen on Cyprus, speculation is mounting that Christopher Metsos, the alleged paymaster of a Russian network operating under deep cover in the US, was allowed to "disappear" by a government which caved in to pressure from Russia."

Case #2

"“Interpols” saņēmis informāciju no Kipras galvaspilsētas Nikosijas starptautiskās kriminālpolicijas organizācijas, ka Milušs 5. septembrī uz tiesas sēdi neieradās, līdz ar ko attiecībā uz viņu pieņemts nacionālais apcietinājuma lēmums un izsludināta viņa nacionālā meklēšana."

Coincidence? I think not. Kipras pilsēta Nikosija ir Krievijas specdienestu operāciju bāzes pilsēta.

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8:30AM - Ko es no sirds novēlu Latvijai

"No ostām mūs Krievija nocēla, no Finanšu starpniecības ASV. Nāksies vien kļūt par augstu pievienotu vērtību radošu valsti, aizmirstot savu “tilta” statusu."

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Monday, February 19, 2018

5:30PM - A few bad apples

Uzmanīgi lasītāji ievēros, ka pie Parex kraha vainojama ne tik daudz "neveiksmīgu apstākļu sakritība - globālā finansu krīze", kā to toreiz apgalvoja Kalvītis, vai Zviedru neapdomīgā kreditēšana Latvijā, kas uzkarsēja vietējo ekonomiku, kā to toreiz apgalvoja Dombrovskis, bet gan prozaiski vienkāršāks iemesls - Parex bija t.s. kabatas banka, kas izsniedza kredītus ar bankas īpašniekiem pietuvinātām personām (atcerēsimies arīdzan Antonova Krājbanku). Šos aizdevumus nekad nebija plānots atmaksāt:

"Shortly after Magnitsky was imprisoned, a Latvian bank called Parex became a funnel for money laundering and easy cash for politically-connected individuals, according to documents in the so-called Panama Papers, a global investigative series. Among many murky deals was a $100 million loan, against no collateral, to Zhan Khudainatov, the CEO of Russian gas company Severneft, and his brother Eduard, deputy CEO and later CEO of Russian state oil company Rosneft. The Khudainatovs defaulted on $78 million to Parex despite selling assets for $403 million in 2012, according to the OCCRP.

This defaulted loan, on top of others, contributed to Parex bank’s failure in 2008. The Latvian state rescued the bank at a cost of about $1 billion dollars, a colossal sum for Latvia. It was one of the biggest costs in a national financial crisis that increased Latvia’s national debt burden six-fold, required a bailout from the International Monetary Fund and ultimately saw a tenth of the population emigrate in search of a better life.

John Christmas, a former employee of Parex bank, said he alerted Rimsevics as back as 2005, detailing how Parex was operating illegally and not carrying out proper checks on its loans.

“They refused to talk to me,” he says. Instead, he says he began receiving death threats and had to flee the country."

Ko mēs te varam saskatīt? Valsts nozagšana - signālus apzināti ignorēja gan Latvijas Bankas prezidents, gan prokuratūra - šīs institūcijas bija (ir?) nopirktas. [Ko nu tur par politiķiem - tas pats stāsts. Partijas tieši un netieši finansēja šie paši šeftmaņi baņķieri. Nopirkti cilvēki nav jau tikai monetāri - varu saderēt, ka izmantoti visi instrumenti, ieskaitot nāves draudus. Šīs nav joka spēlītes.]

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Ex-Secretary General of NATO Rasmussen

Šis cilvēks ir AS Norvik Bankas valdes loceklis. Vai NATO ģenerālsekretārs vēlētos būt apzināti iesaistīts krievu ieroču biznesa naudas atmazgāšanā? Retorisks jautājums.

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"Guselnikov says that Kokins did not only ask him for bribes, he wanted Norvik Bank to launder money. At one meeting, Kokins suggested that Norvik bank allow the transit of $100 million from Russia, and keep $1 million as a payment for the service. He said the transfer would be arranged by a man named German Miloush from Russia.

Kokins and Miloush were partners in business, according to corporate filings that show Kokins worked for Miloush’s BMW dealership in Riga, signing annual reports.

Miloush himself is an internationally wanted criminal. He was convicted in 2007 in Latvia for bribing politicians and fled the country. Ten years later, he was arrested on an Interpol warrant upon arriving in Cyprus, an EU member state, from Moscow."

"The data also show Rimsevics has visited Russia regularly in recent years — making at least 8 trips since 2010. Most of those were before Latvia was allowed into the EU’s currency union, the euro, in 2014 and before the invasion of the Crimean Peninsula that triggered Western sanctions against Russia. After that, the data show Rimsevics visited Russia via Belarus, a neighboring Russian ally that shares border data with Moscow.

On one trip, in 2010, Rimsevics went on what appears to be a hunting trip, according to photos obtained by the AP. In one of the photos, he is pictured with Dmitry Pilshchikov, who was then the head of the Research Institute of Information Technology, a Russia-owned military tech company later sanctioned by the U.S."

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4:54PM - Laba bilde

Ilmars Rimsevics (im blauen Pullover)

Der festgenommene lettische Zentralbankchef im Sommer 2010: Am Tisch unter anderem der Chef eines russischen Rüstungsherstellers.

(Foto: AP)

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Interesanti, ka Eiropas Centrālā banka uzrauga šādas Latvijas kredītiestādes, kas, pēc viņu kritērjiem, ir vietēji nozīmīgas:

AS SEB banka
Swedbank AS

Savukārt, mūsu pašu Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija šim sarakstam ir pievienojusi arī:

AS Citadele banka
AS Rietumu Banka
Luminor Bank AS

Sarakstu FKTK pēdējo reizi atjaunojusi 31.10.2017. Eiropas Centrālā banka savu sarakstu atjaunoja 05.12.2017.

Kā tas nākas, ka Eiropas Centrālās bankas saraksts neatspoguļo FKTK viedokli par "sistēmiski nozīmīgām iestādēm"?

Saprotams, ka uzraudzīt, piemēram, Rietumu Banku, ECB sagādātu lielas galvas sāpes, bet darbiņš pats sevi nedarīs.

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Arvils Ašeradens (Ekonomikas ministrs): ABLV Bank ir sistēmiska banka
Ģirts Rungainis ("Prudentia" investīciju baņķieris): ABLV Bank nav sistēmiska banka
Māris Kučinskis (Ministru prezidents): ABLV Bank nav tik sistēmiski svarīga
Dana Reizniece-Ozola (Finanšu ministre): ABLV Bank nav sistēmiska banka
Gunta Razāne (FKTK priekšsēdētāja vietniece): ABLV banka nav sistemātiska banka
Finanšu un kapitāla tirgus komisija (FKTK) : ABLV ir sistēmiski nozīmīga banka
Eiropas Centrālā banka: ABLV Bank ir sistēmiski nozīmīga banka

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1:55PM - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

4:22PM - Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rory Stewart Debate Human Rights

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1:10PM - One Last Interview w/ Shimon Peres

I told [Putin] more. “When an American wakes up in the morning, what does he see? Mexico in the south, and they accept Mexicans in their country. Canada in the north, they are the best friends in the world. And on the right and on the left, there are fish in the water.

“What does Obama have to worry about? You, you wake up in the morning, whom do you have? Japan, China, Afghanistan? My God! They know that you have plenty of land, and you don’t give them a penny. You have 20 percent of the sweet water, and you give nothing. So when the snow in Siberia melts, the first thing you will see there are Chinese. Because there are plenty of Chinese in the east, and not so many Russians.”

The second thing I told him was: “America has the best proportion between the size of the land and the size of the people. You here have the worst. Twenty million square kilometers. My God. But what you don’t have are people. Your people are dying. Don’t be impressed by the applause and what people are saying. They won’t forgive you. Why do Russians live for only 62 years, while Americans will live 82 years?”... tālāk ... )

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1:28AM - Stanley Druckenmiller- Unconventional Investing

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

12:22PM - Do you even lift bro?

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11:36AM - Neat idea

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

10:19AM - So true

"Sometimes tech reminds me rich, bored, stay at home SO's that are constantly redecorating their house. Not because they need it, but because they are bored and the next trendy design looks cool anyway."

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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"My dear sir, it is not the things’ intrinsic value that we look at. They are the symbols of victory, labels of the winners; it is the fame attached to them that is worth any price to their holders; that is why the man whose quest of honor leads through toil is content to take his kicks. No toil, no honor; he who covets that must start with enduring hardship—when he has done that, he may begin to look for the pleasure and profit his labors are to bring."

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