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[Feb. 8th, 2019|12:13 pm]
Pie Smārdes ir kāda 'valguma pasaule'. Vai 'valguma paradīze' (es aizmirsu)
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[Feb. 5th, 2019|02:37 pm]
Es ļoti augsti novērtēju latviešu spēju nepārtraukt viens otru. Man, tomēr ir neliels īru asinis. 
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Naids Anglijā [Feb. 1st, 2019|10:04 am]
Nav svarīgi, protams, bet pēdējā laikā, esmu pamanījis lielu naidu facebookā no angļu draugiem (un draugu draugiem) par politiku. Piemēram (viss ir no citiem cilvēkiem):

“I hope one day the Tory party is banned as much as the Nazis were in Germany after the war.”

[Par čurašanu uz Tečeres pieminekļi]: “‘There's not enough piss in the world for such monstrosity to a total cunt like her……..’

“Our current government is as cancer. The same lack of empathy, devoid of morality, no remorse, no humbleness, just blind, vicious self gratification even in the face of murdering its host body. Parasites. Sociopaths. Forever so.”

[Par Jacob Rees Mogg]: "Kill the cunt."

[Par to puiku, kas smaidīja MAGA cepurē]: “We had the discussion the other day about what point abortion gets tricky. These are providing the argument that after leaving the womb is still an option.”

"Maybe someone will take a tomahawk to the Donald - and then scalp him!”
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England [Concise Rant] [Jan. 21st, 2019|01:39 pm]
The mendacious mindfuck being made manifest in England has a personal sadness for me. You see, I made the mistake in the polite company of old friends of saying "yeah, but some things Tommy Robinson says are right'. Will I ever make it right with them?

Tommy Robinson is a (see the Guardian - who couldn't join the dots). He gets money from them. He wore a badge saying 'I am a'. He became politicized for demonstrating against muslims who spat at returning British soldiers. He became a public figure (got a role on the public stage). He formed the English Defence League, and in one of his first TV appearances he burned a Nazi flag. He talked about Muslim rape gangs and most people thought he was vile and crazy. Later, when the truth came out, the Labour MP for one of the affected cities, said, "yeah it is true. we have a problem with Pak...... M....m men raping English girls'. The Labour Party hate her. She has 24-hour police protection.

The soldiers who were spat at had returned from Iraq. This was a war started by NeoConservatives. What do Z...ists and NeoConservatives have in common? One of the Abrahamic religions... possibly.

The soldiers were sent by Tony Blair of the Labour Party - the workers' party - who my old friends vote for. The Labour Party hate Tommy Robinson.

Meanwhile under the Labour Party, muslim immigration boomed (over half UK Muslims weren't born there according to the Muslim Council of Britain). After the war George Galloway formed the political party 'Repsect' and stood in Muslim areas. He won. The Labour Party hate George Galloway.

"How can we fight extremism epitomized by the likes of Tommy Robinson?" They ask... Ban criticism of the other two Abrahamic religions? Draw up a list of things you can't say - yeah, that seems to be the policy.

I am just about confident I am sane.

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[Jan. 8th, 2019|12:36 pm]
Biju anglijā
Bunch of fucking idiots
in the main
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[Dec. 20th, 2018|03:55 pm]
kāda personība tev ir?
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Progresīvie [Dec. 18th, 2018|10:02 pm]
Tikko skatījos Progresīvie video ar nosaukumu 'Ar migrācīju baida’’. Skatījos ar interesi, jo daudz no maniem dārgiem draugiem tagad atbalsta šo partiju.

Manas piezīmes:

1) Visi četri runātāji nesa brilles.

2) Mārtiņš Kossovičs apgalvoja ka bailes tiek visvairāk izmantots lai mainītu sabiedrības apziņu. Viņš norādīja ka tikai 1% no Eiropas iedzīvotājiem ir patvēruma meklētāji. Viņš lietoja vārdu ’ironoskāki’ par cipāriem Latvijā - es nezinu, vai viņš izmantoja šo vārdu pareizi. Tomēr, viņuprāt (un es piekrītu) nevajag baidīties no tik maza cipara.

3) Igors Kļavinš runāja par piespiedu migrāciju. Es nezinu vai tas apraksta tos, kuri meklē patvērumu, jo viņš apgalvoja, ka cēloņi ir netkai militārie konflikti, bet gan politiskā nestabilitāte, gan veselības aprūpes, izglītības, un darba iespēju nepieejamība: karoče ekonomiskie migranti, vai nē?

4) Insa Krēmere apgalvoga, ka mums ir jānodrošina drošais ceļš migrantiem (patvēruma meklētāji vai ekonomiskie migranti?) uz mērķa valstīm. Tāpēc progresīvajiem ir partijas programmā esot prasība ES ieviest humanitārās vīzas, lai cilvēki var normāli iesēsties lidmašinā un braukt uz Eiropu (uz mērķa valstīm).

5) Nevaru atrast letonikā latviešu vārdu, ko nozīmē ‘conflation’.
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Ode to Brexit [Nov. 22nd, 2018|03:31 pm]
Brexit – there’s gonna be a Brexit
No need to transpose
EU Directives into British Law
I suppose
I mean
What for?

Dos Vadanya )
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[Nov. 7th, 2018|04:35 pm]
1999 es biju anglu valodas pasniedzējs un viens no maniem pirmājiem studentiem bija džeks, kas tagad ir jūsu jauns premjers.
Gribu teikt, ka viņš bija atvērts un interesants cilvēks (ar vieglu pašironiju) un vienmēr ir bijis gatavs draudzīgām sarunām, kad šad tad nejauši satikāmies.
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[Nov. 6th, 2018|11:51 am]
Cik tas ir svarīgi tev, ka esi latvietis/-te?
Ja Tu dzīvo/-otu ārpus Latvijas, vai Tu ilgojes/-otos pēc Latvijas?
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[Oct. 30th, 2018|04:32 pm]
Atvadāmies no musu vēcas uzticīgas mašinas šodien. Bija negaidīti emocionāli.
"Viss jusu dzīve, te" komentēja mehāniķis, kamēr transfērējam visas mantas uz jauno zirgu.
Which is what poetry is for, vispār
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out of the frying pan [Oct. 26th, 2018|05:24 pm]
She became disillusioned with Catholicism in the wake of child abuse scandals in the church, describing the Vatican as a “nest of devils” in a 2011 newspaper article.
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vaarda briiviibaa anglijaa [Oct. 19th, 2018|02:52 pm]
Reading Pepys in a park off Freedom Street
1660 Londonaa
Windows getting stoned in
The army threatening to fuck the City up
The City giving them money to get pissed up
The Restoration wind blows
old guys out of the long talking (parliament)
to die in obscurity
or dangle in the square
Ideas are the wind that bears news of the current below
Something General Monk knew
So best to be inscrutable
Meanwhile there is eating of herring and game
and singing of songs composed in Spain
and we did drink to the bottom of the cups
there being many a toast to his majesty
visceral and intellectual
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[Oct. 17th, 2018|09:13 am]
Another one bites the dust
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[Oct. 15th, 2018|04:22 pm]
Sestdien bijam gājuši nopirkt meitai jaunas futbolu apavus (jo spēlēs niderlandē LV U17 islasē). Tur, pie veikala, satiku divus pazīstamus musulmaņus (nū es viņus pazīstu), un tā dēļ es domāju, ka kaut ko ļoti būtiski esmu uzzinājis par musu Islamu.

Sākumā (un man nav laika aprakstīt to visu - vēlāk centīšos to rakstīt latviski - turklāt sakarīgi ... varbūt) es jutos ļoti aizskarts par notikošo (viņu uzvedība). Bet tagad man prieks par to, ka tas notika - jo esmu, es ceru, kļuvis zinošāks. Prieks arī, ka man bija liecinieki (sieva un meita) - jo es zinu, ka māku pārspīlēt šad tad.
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jaunumi dzimtenē [Oct. 12th, 2018|10:00 am]
Vardarbīgo noziegumu pieaugums Londonā - it īpaši ar nažiem - tagad tiek aprakstīts kā 'Public Health Emergency'.
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[Sep. 26th, 2018|10:17 pm]
Bruxelles - an ole de merde - still/tomeer
imagine the consciousness of us flittereres about as in bubbles atop shaken booze
facial expressions carved on the locals by the kids begging for their mothers
a white haired nicely hatted large man surveys the scene
makes all kinds of concessions or so it seems
and a tough younger one says sit here to his prostitute
Home counties polo shirt trumpets across the hotel lounge
deformed african plays football with fat african in the jets of steam
a phone nestles next to ear supported by just hijab
white girls busk poxily in front of the opera
Business and monopoly money
easy love and tough love
trains sigh and hormones scream
going nowhere
like this
bla bla bla.
blin blin blin
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augusts [Sep. 18th, 2018|11:34 am]
whisky mist descends on reservoir of beer
here in the belly
daughter, sixteen, dances with wife
to perestroika-era melody
a bonding song
by the Daugava
in the middle of nowhere
Scent of Past rises
with heat
Small kids roll bales of hay
Like I did in similar latitude
along time away
when further out in orbit
see down there - Je cherchez la femme
laughter and a lifetime of eternal
swaying feminine understanding
See I am observer with strings attached
or waves... or something like that
while time, beats and thougts are spent
and the bones grow wistfully heavy
in descent

and so on
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Kas notiek? [Sep. 14th, 2018|09:06 am]

Report non-crime?


to the Police? 

Ko viņi tad darīs?
A jums bija lidzīga situācija PSRS laikā?

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[Aug. 29th, 2018|05:09 pm]
Aizgājām paēst 3 viri laivā. Ēdu 'fish 'n' chips, dzēru Abbot Ale: domāju pār jaunību dzimtenē klaiskajā emigrantu stīlā.
Pēc neliela laika, sajūtu laiku portāls (sensory time portal) atvērās kad 'Don't go back to Rocksville' sāka skanēt fonā. Varēju skatīties uz sievu no pagatnes - bija ļoti jauki.
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