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[Sep. 21st, 2017|02:27 pm]
Poor sod

See, I was involved in women's football (was a manager for two years, my daughter is an U17 international)... and I can tell you that there are probably millions of words that managers say to players. All that lawyer had was one comment about ebola in all that time she was a player (over 100 caps). It was a similar comment a mate of mine made about a teammate coming back from an affected country. This mate spends his free-time in Africa doing aids awareness through football coaching - so, you know, a real bigot.

And on FB all my PC footy friends are utterly silent on this, cos comments get you in trouble - which I suppose means they feel they have something to hide - which means they are using their brains at least.
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[Sep. 13th, 2017|09:32 pm]
Kamēr es gaidīju savu sievu Stabu ielā, es slinki vēroju sievieti.
Viņai bija tievs ķermenis ar izsmalcinātām pazīmēm, kuras man nekad nav bijusi iespēja saprast, lai novērtētu - viņa nāca pie manis ar vēlmi kaut ko pateikt.
Biju pārsteigts, jo es viņu biju vērojis caur netīru mašīnas logu. Mašīna, tā pati kā es, biju veca ar... iespiedumiem no dzīves belzieniem (man te ir vārdnīca).
Viņa noliecās pie loga, pasmaidīja, un informēja, ka
"policists nāk".
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[Sep. 7th, 2017|10:16 am]
Iespējams, ka jaunākā meita domā, ka neviens nesapratis viņas angļu valodu sabiedriskās vietās. Vakar, stavot rindā pie kases, viņa maigi pliukšķināja manu vedēru, un patieca "It is big, but not as big as that man's"
That man, kurš stavēja tieši aiz manis kautrīgi aizgriezās.
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[Sep. 2nd, 2017|11:39 pm]
Go on, try it…

Mental illness

Like something out of
A power play
Big scene
The Big Duke in the big scene.
Body language… what swift cross of leg!
Dynamic… that is the word
Angle of body in chair is forward
Tilted, yeah…
But this thrusting guy in sharp suit
With the sunset over metropolis
Out the window (vast window)
He is confused, well ‘frustrated’
Or maybe he is pretending to be.
I understand him.
I know how it feels
To bash inexpertly at keys
To be stumped by summat simple
Read more )
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[Aug. 25th, 2017|01:06 pm]
‘It is poverty and economic insecurity which submits human nature to the greatest strain: compare suicide statistics with bankruptcies and economic depression.’
‘Suicides are less in wars because there is more money about.’
Major CH Douglas
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hand me down father [Aug. 22nd, 2017|11:48 pm]

sense of prolapse
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[Aug. 11th, 2017|12:07 pm]
Vai kāds zina vietu Rīgā, kur varētu audio kasešu ierakstus pārnest uz digitālo formatu?
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[Aug. 9th, 2017|03:46 pm]
Rit iešu ar savu skotu draugu uz latvijas nacionālā mākslas muzeju - būs forši: taisīsim video
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kas notiek skotijā [Aug. 3rd, 2017|05:35 pm]
Mercury Prize Winners sūdzās par gleznām Skotu Nacionālā portretu galerijā 

Es gribu teikt: miers, mīlestība, bet, lūdzu, mazliet sapratne.
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[Jul. 12th, 2017|04:53 pm]
fragile paradise (middle-aged-man blues)

parāk skaista diena: work chained me to the computer, but the view outside was super. In bloom and beautiful, my youngest and my wife darzā: full yet part of the analogue ticking and slipping of time. Maybe the sun has retired warm and modestly in some secret part of the soul from my stepson yesterday - tipa "Eu.. bet tev nav kaut kāds pārmetums sev - par to kā tu man audzināji? Well, eye contact on the potatoes and carrots I'm peeling, I murmur an apology of sorts. "Nē" vinš teica, "paldies tev, ka biji ar mani visu to laiku". Blin - -asaras varētu fall in the sink. Twenty years since I first rolled the tarmac here: already in love - that much was clear. The sun setting orange over the fields: a tired caress. Picked my eldest meita and stepson at midnight vakar: he with a flat tyre rode back to his flat, she stretched with window down informed about the concert: all that IDEA growing in her: pouring out of her: smile and cackle, roll and rustle: parāk skaista dzīve.
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[Jun. 7th, 2017|03:11 pm]
Mana sieva šodien šausminājās par visiem durakiem, kuriem ir augsti amati vienā konkretā Latvijas iestādē. Viņai ir ļoti grūti saprast, kā tas ir iespējams viņiem turēt to darbu, kad skaidrs, ka cilvēks ir 'jefiņš' (?).

Saulīt, lūdzu, iepazīsties ar Apvientās Karalistes jauno iekšlietu ministru (ja Labour uzvarēs rīt):

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[Jun. 7th, 2017|09:31 am]
Gribētu jums dāvināt jaunu vārdu: dusmuļķīgs.
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Give unto MES what belongs to MES (Masonic Mumblings in Excelsis) [May. 30th, 2017|05:19 pm]

It just came and then it stopped
It just came and then it stopped 

I got a look translucent
I got a look translucent face  
My mirror dissolves every day 

I got a name I got a face
I got a name I got a say
I gotta show medical doors
All wang doctors all tryna… 

It came in tricolours with headband
Its summers were all in a day
They had a name they had a face
They had a name they had a say

They had a say! 

Said going downtown
They had a name
They got a say 

It came in tricolours each day
When I’d seen it show today
When I’d seen those swinging doors
No rich door… 

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Morrissey on Manchester [May. 24th, 2017|10:08 am]
"Manchester mayor Andy Burnham says the attack is the work of an ‘extremist’. An extreme what? An extreme rabbit?”
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risinājums demogrāfiskajai problēmai [May. 17th, 2017|02:43 pm]
no children, no vote?
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[May. 15th, 2017|05:48 pm]
Nezinu kāpēc bet zosāda katru reizi  - mani berni aug, mani vecāki slimo: būtu grēks to detalizēt. Labāk dejot, vai skatīties, kā citi to dara.
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Jauns politiskais spēks Ķekavā [May. 10th, 2017|11:18 am]
 photo new kid in town.jpg
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[Apr. 28th, 2017|02:52 pm]
Sonic Youth 'Bad Moon Rising' and... well The Wedding Present 'My Favourite Dress' - this is white music, isn't it?
Or is it my associations of the surroundings in which it was imbibed (village discos - Southern Comfort and lemonade - in the countryside; gigs in Norwich and Ipswich, Great Yarmouth and Fakenham)?
Nothing wrong with it: just happens to be the case.
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FYI [Apr. 24th, 2017|10:23 am]
turns out that creation myths are like this
1) First there was water (before creation ja kas)
2) The top layer of water (the female aka the deep) has spontaneous sex with the lower level (the male aka the abyss)
3) Their children are Gods.
4) These kids disturb the waters - who would like to take it easy.
5) The Gods have built their house on the waters.
6) The abyss (tipa father) decides to have it out with the Gods, but is killed for his troubles (though he causes a lot of worry up there).
7) The deep (mother) sends monsters (reflections of herself) as revenge on the gods.
8) Only the Storm God (aka Perkons) can deal with them.
9) He puts them them into a net, and then blows wind into the mother, splitting her into two parts - the sky and the earth.
That is about it.

Personally, I like the Masonic explanation - I think it is Masonic - higher consciousness arrives after a sexual union with consciousness and the subconsious, upon which we build systems of belief on the waters: a wet dream if you like.
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[Apr. 21st, 2017|03:24 pm]
Vakar parunāju ar vācu ārstu par Hitleru (bija Apr 20). Bija sasodīti smieklīgi .
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