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[Aug. 9th, 2018|06:47 pm]
Seezhu briseelee, dzeru alu, kameer gaidu lidmashinu. Lasot Pound, peetiju Viktor Sasson, un uzzinaaju par Emily Hahn, un vinju guudriibu, proti

"In former times our women were divided into two main classes, or groups:

(a) Professionals (those who made a vocation of being seduced)

(b) Amateurs (those to whom the process of being seduced was a side line)."

Savukaart, es juutu, ka esmu kluvis gandriiz ruudiits - jaa - es tuvojos naakoshajaam limenim: adult male, kas speeju gandriiz aktiivi (nevis cieshami) sevi kontroleet: prieka visiem!
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[Aug. 2nd, 2018|12:00 pm]
Kur ir tādi sasoditi chemtraili, kad tie ir vajadzīgi?
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dzimtene: visions of Mordor in the Shire [Jul. 25th, 2018|12:45 pm]
Key words:

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mutterings [Jul. 23rd, 2018|03:33 pm]
Aizgājām ar sievu uz kino, lai redzētu 'Baltu Ciltis'. Larss (ārzemnieks) bija pie viena no Latvijas upes tad, kad bija saulgriežos. Bija ļoti labs apraksts (Nabas braucieniem) - long limbed and sultry, passed out in heavy hangover, old woman crying by the bonfire: vot: latvieši, vispār.
Pēc tam aizgājām iedzērt pie Aptiekas. Pēc 15 minutēm, mana sieva konstatēja, ka viņa bija vienīga sieviešu būtne: politisks nekorekts secinājums tika izdarīts. Pēc tam aizgājam ...

nav svarīgi: pleasantly drunk shadows on country pavements: saxon/danish/latvian/utt rokas rokā: crucifix shortened to represent fire starter - come on baby: light it.
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updates [Jul. 9th, 2018|04:13 pm]
Watched 'the Barbarian Invasions' after 'Decline of the American Empire'
Felt a little emotional
Felt a little foreign as wife and kids watched the climax of Song Festival
Left them to it. Went to bed and dreamt Lions were farm animals.
Later divined (used to be good at that IRL) the blood of Christ (poured out of a radio transmitter).
While working, listened to this by accident 'Are humans farmed livestock?' (
Synchronous cogs whirring. Life ticks on.
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[Jun. 11th, 2018|01:34 pm]
Varbūt tas ir dēļ tā, ka esmu unģiks (tā pareizi?), bet atceros Martiņa un Kristīnes stāstu par pirmo Praidu, un ja būtu cepure, tā uzreiz būtu nost viņu priekšā. Tad bija jābūt ļoti drošsirdīgajam, lai iet un ciest visu sabiedrības sūdu un naidu (naidīgu sūdu).

A bet tagad, es īsti neredzu jēgu Praidam (nū nenoņemtu savu cepuri): man liekas, ka nav daudz vairāk nekā ekshibicionisms (maigā izpausmē) un 'virtue signalling' (FB pilns piemēram).

Varbut manā sirdī vairs nav milestības? Varbūt neesmu kaut ko sapratis? Bez šaubām esmu bieži vecs un nīgrs.
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Delicate, innit? [May. 18th, 2018|11:13 pm]
Wanted to get something off my mind, or invite something into my mind. Offer it something to drink, a bite to eat: a conversation, if you would. Treat the concept of a chat like Wyndham Lewis would (superior in a sense to books and art). It is what I have been missing, that is for sure: I know it like a - in some senses reluctant -vegetarian sniffing smoked meat in the kitchen. A chat, jebkuraa valodaa.

One thing makes you, or yr conversation partner, think of another. Like the monads of thought that drift off from yr control as you drift off to sleep, maybe, piemeeram, for the last time in a sun-spanked tram in Ilguciems [punctuation*] to wake up as female impresses her side into yours. Maybe it is the shirt I’m wearing: almost authentic cowboy purchased in Norwich circa 95: a riff on shlager sensibility, shlager sensitivity. Maybe it assisted her (tall classically womanly) generous allocation of weight. It has a call like latvieshu gravity: that and the insect bites and the gardening grazes.

We both get out at the National Opera and I see she is 4 months along at least. I lag behind as the bones need time to align in gait, and she falls over. Stumbles in stages to the asphalt, ending with both arms and knees glued to the spinning earth. She pushes herself up before I can get there to offer her my hand, but still I ask her if viss ir kartiibaa. Eh! It’s the weight, you see, kaut arii shii ir pirmo reize, kad esmu taa kritusi. And she falls in step and wants to talk, but.

No work possible in the heat after 3. Too hot to concentrate so I bale. Take an early microbus back to Baloži. Sleep hits with implacable force and relents at the last crossroads before the peedejaa pieturaa.

Hey, Kaimin! Roland, Roland, esam klaat!

She, sun browned, blond and fiftied rocks the sleeping fellow sitting behind her with her gardening-grazed hand. I recognise him straight off. I always wondered why he took public transport. Used to request his stop in rolling deep tones and confident cadence (without the pompus strut in the valoda). Guessed he’d probably been done for drink driving as on the way back in the evenings he’d sometimes been respectfully and politely smashed. Once I told him he’d forgotten his hat, to which in masculine resonance he’d thanked me profusely. Now, he looks thinner, as though he’s been ill, and he can’t be easily roused.

Roland, davai, mosties!

He rises, finally, in understanding, gives thanks in that old tone, and then looks for his bag.

Tev nebija soma, Roland.

No? Pateicos. He’s full as a ditch, and as he steps out he forgets to crouch and smashes his head on the metal door frame. We wince and the neighbour takes his arm and helps him on to the pavement, He looks around as if trying to figure out what had happened to him, but no curse words are spintered off.

All that culture. Roots. Punctuation: sapratne.

Naac , Roland, she takes him by the elbow, naac, davai, nac man liidzi.

* marks of time, peedeejais zvans, meita kleitaa
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[May. 9th, 2018|08:34 pm]
Šodien es biju pret-rasisma aktīvists publiskā telpā.

Nezinu, kā es tagad jūtos par to visu.
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Plan to talk on MES and the Occult [Apr. 30th, 2018|10:23 am]
Here is the annotated last commands:

Beware characters connected with car adverts
Real, assumed or imaginary
The vocal testament of M.E.S.
Coming from the little town of Speck Marsden
1. Cash - the eternal fork out
To keep everything normal is well beyond the capacity
All monies will try and escape thee
Beware of thy lazy right hand
This is the focal of M.E.S. locus and Xyralothep
Avoid respectable television and respectable newspapers
They have neither the talent of art
Or the instinctive snout of the media
2. Deploreth thy real god
He mutters incomprehensibly
Still on job one
With alloys
The calibrator (William Blakes wintery demiurge)
In a cave not yet invented or constructed
This is your vessel M.E.S.
From he to you
This one M.E.S. procured
Mountain's waters blocked by dormant tree
See later on this LP
6. Avoid fat aggressive men and handsome aggressive men
In conflict they disappear overnight with bad backs
7. Cod-science/cod-psychology is to be avoided
But do not make your enig-noise public
As it will bring the wrath of the drude quarters
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[Apr. 24th, 2018|04:31 pm]
There is a light that never goes out.
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[Apr. 16th, 2018|10:08 am]
Jaunākajai meitai patik skatīties "Kas te, es te". Es īpaši neibildu, jo tagad ļoti augsti novērteju savstarpējo iedarbību starp Konstantinu un Lupi.
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Brīvība [Apr. 9th, 2018|12:10 pm]
Sestdien pie ungunskursa musu darziņā, dabūju pavadīt laiku ar visnotaļ gudrām maminām ap 40 gadiem.
Kā man patik tā latviešu brīvībā! Skaidrs, ka daudz no manām UK paziņām norakstītu viņas, kā far-right ethno nationalists.

UK nav laba vieta džekiem un džekenēm, kuri grib domāt brīvi - te, tomēr domas var elpot.

Es nezinu precīzi (nū aizdomas ir), kāpēc mums ir tik smagi manā dzimtenē, bet esmu pamanījis, kā šīs ierobežejošs spēks ir ietekmējis dažas latviešu meitenes un zēnus, kuri patlaban dzīvo Anglījā. Žēl vispār.


Tikko pārbaudīju to, ko rakstīju pie Google Translate - esot "On Saturday, at the scrotum in our dance"
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The Guardian [Mar. 22nd, 2018|10:31 am]
Pēc Rotherham, Newcastle, un svaigs no Telford:  "The gang of white local men would hang around at ice rinks to meet and groom girls for sex."

Nē - es saprotu, tiešam. Ja tas notika, tad tas notika .... bet citā realitātē, kur, baltie virieši lielākoties nodarbotos ar grooming gang/gang rape (teiksim, nezinu... 85% no gang izvairotājiem būtu balti briti), un viņu upuri būtu jaunas musulmanietes, tad, kā jums liekas: vai Guardian publicētu rakstu, kurā žurnāliste rakstītu

"The gang of local pakistani muslim men would hang around at ice rinks to meet and groom girls for sex"?

Jautājums ir retorisks. 

Atklāts rasisms, diemžēl.

Esmu triggered.
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[Mar. 15th, 2018|01:09 pm]
Te par PC Minefield  ( gan 'police constable' un 'political correctness') dzimtenē.
Te es šad tad ne biju pietiekošs pieklājigs, bet nū: esmu vēcs un nigrs... un tur vairs nedzīvoju.
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iedzeris [Mar. 8th, 2018|10:55 pm]
kadreiz mazliet šad tad rakstīju par šo džeku no zviedrijas, jo viņš, prof ziņā, meģināja izvilkt mani no... stasis (personality stasis). Biju dibinājis uzņememu ar yanku no C.A, un viņš (no zviedras) lietoja kokainu vai dzīves saspringumu. Satiku viņu pirms gada (nejauši). Viņš piedavāja man pirkstu, jo runāja pa telefonu.
Tagad eju cauri vecām papirām, un atradu šo, kas principā ir sižets no dzives - viņš, Uve, un es (kurš neko neteica, izņemot 'yes')
"Did they offer you a cup of tea or coffee?"
"Good. Because you know they have to. They should really know that. I mean know without having to be reminded. It's a principal of good service, but it never ceases to amaze me, you know. I mean 'irregular cups' - assortments. In your house, Uve, for the best guests you have the best cups. Well, of course, it's the same in the office. But try telling that to these people! Try it!"
"Tea is tea, Sven."
"Yes, and wine is whisky, and water is wine until we are all crucified, right? Tell me, what will we do then?"
"Okay, so very nice tea."
"Good, yes, so come into the office. Don't mind the mess - you know the product of a busy mind. You can't make an omelette without smashing the eggs, right?"
"Cooking, Sven?"
"Yes, cooking ideas, very good: you caught the metaphor. You know, I was with the ex-Swedish ambassador's wife; lovely, gentle lady at the cooking club. Very expensive, although all in Latvian, of course. Sometimes, you want to smash the eggs on the chef's forehead... to continue the metaphor."
"That's taking it all a little far, isn't it?"
"What, cooking? 150 lats a throw, but you know I'm not into the bar scene. Okay, so we don't talk about last night, right? Never talk about last night - and, you know, it's worth it. What for not choosing the most expensive wine in the restaurant, now I can cook a perch fillet in a lemon and cranberry sauce, even though, of course, I am a man - and have you noticed that is still about?"
"Well I buy the alcohol. My wife buys the food."
"Very good! Division of labour. So let me just clear a space. Okay, so what is this? Dace! Kur ir mana dienas gramata?"
"Here, Sven."
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Laiks mainās [Mar. 6th, 2018|11:33 am]
ABLV tagad aicināja man dzēst kredītu skaidrā naudā.

Ceru, ka viņi vairs neprasīs 2 EUR par šo darījumu.
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Viss kartībā [Mar. 5th, 2018|12:49 pm]
1) You need to be careful drawing conclusions about the place of your birth through information gleaned through a certain prism of the internet

So/but on my visit to England, I can relate that

a) on exiting Anglia Square, I was aware of a Halal butchers opposite (Had it been there before? Memory withers on the vine of disinterest);
b) on the local news a labour politician was urging a group of young Muslim women to vote (you know who for);
c) the leading news story was the attack on Muslims in Myanmar. The BBC reporter referred to 'Buddhist mobs';
d) an Army recruitment advert showed a group of British soldiers waiting for their brother-in-arms to finish his Islamic prayers.

Over dinner, I asked my brother what he thought of all of this.
He told me to stop asking leading questions.
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Is this what you want? [Feb. 27th, 2018|04:48 pm]
She is the latest in technology, almost mythology
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kriminālās ekselences fonds [Feb. 26th, 2018|10:11 am]
Ļoti patika, ka 'huiņa' tika pārtulkota angļu valodā, kā general 'fuckery'.

Jauki, turklāt, skatīties filmu bez kaut kāda vēstījuma (tipa -soc engineering).

Pēc filma, mēs (sieva, vecākā meita) satīkam kādu paziņu ar savu draugu. Viņa (no Norveģijas) informēja mums, ka viņi ies uz Melno Pantēru jau otru reizi, jo viņas draugam ļoti patika šī kinofilma. Draugs bija no Norveģija, bet izcelsme no Afrikas (nū nesen, saproti). Well okay, vai nē?

Tajā naktī, man bija sapnis, kurā redzēju, ka baltais tiģeris uzbruka manu jaunāko meitu. Briesmīgs protams. Tajā paša naktī manai vecākajaii meitai bija ļoti interesānti sapnis, kurā es biju informējis viņai, ka kāds tīģeris bija uzbrucis savu māsu. Es esot tad kliedzis uz kādu lāci, kas aiz bailes gaja uzbrukt to tīģeri.

Huiņa vispār.
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[Feb. 21st, 2018|09:21 am]
tās centrālais baņķieris gandrīz izkaroja mūsu ģimenes līdzjūtību

žurnalists, protams, nerubī fišku
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