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Dievs vs Mīlestība

So what is god? (..) Did god invent us, did god create us? Right? God, who is omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, merciful, just, all goodness. Right? That’s your concept of god. And if you say, he has created us, then we are part of his image, we are part of him. That is, we are omniscient, generous, loving – right? – and eternal. Right? Are we? Or we think we are? You understand my question? If god created you, he must be an extraordinary entity, because he wants you to lead a terrible life. You understand my question? If god made you, why are you like this? (..)

So, sirs, we have created god. See the irony of it. Thought has created god and then thought worships the image which thought has created. Which is, to worship oneself and call it god. You understand all this? – the better part of you is god. Right? (..) You want safety, you want to feel there is somebody looking after you because you are afraid. You follow? So you create that, and then worship that. Just see what you are doing! Going to Tirupati and putting all your money in the bag – do you think gods want your money? Sir, look at it all. You have nothing to offer but money, garlands, prostrations, rituals. Right? You have nothing else to offer. Have you realised the tragedy of this, sirs?

If you love – not god, that’s very easy to love god because it is an abstraction, it has not much meaning. But if you love, that very love is god, that very love is sacred. You won’t go outside to look for god. You understand all this, sirs!

J. Krishnamurti

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