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Jolly Viking - somu versija par hibrīdkaru
Šīs nedēļas atradums - interesanti palasīt:

https://hybridguerrilla.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/jolly-viking-part-1/ - un visas pārējās daļas. Autors jau ticis līdz 7tai. Vietām forši, vietām mazliet murgaini, bet kopumā jautra lasāmviela.

-Gentelmen! President of Finland is calling!

-Hellou hellou Bryssels! It is Persident Finland here, Sauli.

-Hello Finland. You have called Vladimir?

-Yes and no, very much so, yes. He called me. We talk. Good talk.


-We are having a joint peace keeping drills.


-We are havings a joint peace keeping drills operation with Russia. It is exercise. We plant this some time ago. Forget tellings you. Sorry about that.

-You are having a military drill with Russia at demilitarized area?!

-No and yes, complicated sounds but can be easy to explainings. You see, Vladimir told me that they have secret informations about many things. Me for examples, I mean mean, meanings, yes that is the words, meanings that you have been planning to attacks Finlands and that Russia is willing to help in that matter. To keep our indepent. Freedom.

-What are you talking mr president, are you drunk?

-No and yes, well just a little maybe, can still drive a car. Wait, no, can’t drive. Sit can in the car. Make that clear, I am not drunk drivings. Shit in toilet and smoking cigarret. Good American Malporo that is.

-You have clearly violated many things here mr Niinistoe, can you explain why?

-Technically correct may beings. But very explainable also. But I have to wipe now, my wife needs to bathroom. Call you back soon. [click]

-Sir! We have a report that Russian Su-27 has shot down Finnish Air Force F-18 over Baltic Sea, near Aland. Pilot has ejected and is being rescued now by Swedish coast guards. It’s on your screens now.

-Goddamn. That’s developing. Was the Finn attacking? Ah, there it is, the Finn has his transponder on, looks like few million people are watching flight radar like shit. Wise move from Finns. They didn’t shoot, did they even have weapons on that plane? Would be really good if they didn’t have any sidewinders on. Publicity is war zone you know…

-General, if I may remind that this is textbook Russian operation. They are creating a no-fly zone just like in Ukraine. I’m pretty sure that in those 4 landing ships are S-400 battalion and that Marienhamn’s airport is surrounded by Gophers, Strelas and other AA stuff. Also you need to look that Baltic Fleet map, they have massive anti-aircraft capability there. Besides the radar activity all along the Finnish border is indicating their S-400’s are hot and ready, the whole Finnish air space is covered right now. I’m quite sure they are grounding all their aircrafts now to avoid losses. And to not escalate the situation.


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