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Ja kādam ir brīvs laiks, lūdzu, izlasiet šo paziņojumu, kuru aizvainotais gliemežu izrakšanas un vīnogu sabradāšanas rekordists pagājušajā nedēļā izsūtīja visiem pasaules medijiem, ieskaitot uz Latviju... Nenožēlosiet – ņirdzīgi!


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Tue, 5 Nov, 15:50 (3 days ago)

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Becoming a world record champion, like Maurizio Paschetta, comes with many unexpected difficulties – but being scammed by an organisation you trusted shouldn’t be one of them. The international organization based in America, “World International Champions”, has ceased to exist. The causes are still unknown, all that is certain is that six world agricultural records achieved by Maurizio Paschetta are no longer present on the website of the so-called certifying body. Upon hearing this news at the beginning of 2019, Maurizio Paschetta immediately proceeded to contact the organization, but has since received no reply. Though this was a great disappointment for the Italian record breaker who had put all he had into these records, he did not give up and started looking for another international organization that could recognize the impressive agricultural world records he obtained.
In seven months, Paschetta contacted over one hundred international record organizations, tirelessly hunting to avoid making the same mistake twice. To avoid falling into the trap again, Maurizio Paschetta requested detailed information from each company, including: VAT numbers, company statute drawn up by a notary and business registration documents. These documents are used to prove the organization is recognized and controlled by the law of whichever country it is based. Most of these organizations do not follow regulations, they simply have a website or Facebook page that they use as a platform to take money from prospective record holders in exchange for very little. Paschetta’s story highlights the importance of doing research about these companies before handing over any money or signing any contracts, and demands that there must be better safeguards put in place by regulating bodies to end the existence of these scam organisations once and for all.
Though Maurizio Paschetta’s journey is a cautionary tale, he finally found a happy ending. Paschetta came across a company by the name of World Record Certification Limited , founded by Honghua Xu in April 2016 and based in London, UK. He was assured that the company was registered and recognised by Companies House, a UK regulation body for businesses. World Record Certification Limited served his needs well as they verify records for authenticity and offer on-site adjudication if needed, before issuing a world record certification that acts as proof of record completion.
In the last two months, World Record Certification Limited have scrupulously analysed all the documents of evidence provided by Maurizio Paschetta (including newspaper articles, video footage, photographs and expert witnesses) and have certified Maurizio Paschetta’s six agricultural world records. These included grape crushing by foot, log splitting by axe, hay bale stacking on a trailer, collecting truffles with a dog, digging soil by hand and collecting snails! There is much more in store for Maurizio Paschetta, as he continues to dominate agricultural world records while receiving support from his ever growing fan base.

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