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@ 2019-03-24 22:55:00

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Mūzika:banana brain by die antwoord

a quick update i guess

fuck, i love the thought that is put behind my username, this feels great for some reason. right now instead of doing school related stuff i am browsing reddit and typing this and listening to music, it is going to be fine though, i think. for some reason i am surprisingly calm about this, but it is partly thanks to my friend, who managed to do most of the project we have to present tomorrow (who am i kidding, she did the whole thing). for some reason i do not feel tired so that is great, there is actually a possibility of me writing the damn analysis (maybe...). i also dyed my hair today. i guess i want to say that i am doing these small changes in my physical appearance instead of waiting until uni. it feels freeing and i just feel like a bad bitch tbh. i am still very critical of my appearance but i can definitely say that i am more confident now and i can sense myself moving towards a glow up not only physically but also mentally. yeah overall i am just much, much happier than i was a few months ago. there are good things happening all the time, so it is great. i am happy! finally! je brille.

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