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    Sunday, February 17th, 2019
    4:24 pm
    comment nous percevons le temps

    i have talked about this with luna and my mum as well, but i want to put it down on here as well. the perception of time has changed immensely since the beginning of a new millennium (or so i think). we all seem to think that 2012 was like three years back tops but in reality, it was 7 years ago. it is hard to believe that people like me who were born in the year 2000 are turning 19 this year already. we are soon going to be in our twenties and considered almost "old". we are equally as close to 2039 as we are to 1999 and i still think that the 90s were some 10 years ago. people born in 1989 are turning 30 this year! and it is not only about the years overall, for example, my dad thought that despacito came out "at least half a year ago" whilst in reality it has been 2 full years since it was released, and this is not the craziest example. seems like no one can perceive time the way it flows and i do not really know what to make of it, other than it is insanely fascinating. i did not think i would make it to my 18th birthday when i was 13 and here i am - i will be 19 this year and people around me are already turning 20. when i was younger time seemed to stretch itself and to go by really slowly, and now it just rushes without stopping. i hope that i will not wake up one day and realize that my life has flown past me without me noticing. for that reason i have been thinking about what i really want to achieve in life, what matters to me the most. the things that have so far come to my mind are - travel as much as it is possible, become a polyglot (i could not find out how many languages exactly does one need to know to consider themselves a polyglot, but some sources said around 5-6 languages), definitely get a masters degree (possibly doctors as well but i can not be sure about that yet) and go to as many concerts as i can (by that i mean not to just any concert but to artists that i like, with possible exceptions i guess). i want to care for myself, look good for myself and to make it my main reason to look good. i want to have fun, to create amazing memories with my friends but also to enjoy the moment, because it is the present that matters, the future is indefinite (for that matter all time is indefinite and relative but whatever) and past is already past, so we have to make most of our present. i want to live, not just exist. i want to be somebody. i want to be brave and be proud of what i like and how i look, how i dress etc. i want to do stuff, not sit around and watch everyone else live their lives to the fullest whilst i am laying on the couch. i will not let that define my life. it will be extraordinary. 나는 나 자신을 믿는다.

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    Wednesday, February 13th, 2019
    10:08 pm

    yellow is now my second favorite colour. thanks, the nbhd and trench, je vous aime tellement.

    Current Mood: optimistic
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