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Fragmentiņš. 1929.g. Anglija
Olive was reading a book about the future, when babies
would be bred in bottles, and women would be ‘immu-
’Jolly good thing too!’ she said. ‘Then a woman can live
her own life.’ Strangeways wanted children, and she didn’t.
’How’d you like to be immunized?’ Winterslow asked
her, with an ugly smile.
’I hope I am; naturally,’ she said. ‘Anyhow the future’s
going to have more sense, and a woman needn’t be dragged
down by her FUNCTIONS.
’Perhaps she’ll float off into space altogether,’ said Dukes.
'I do think sufficient civilization ought to eliminate a lot
of the physical disabilities,’ said Clifford. ‘All the love-business
for example, it might just as well go.
I suppose it would if we could breed babies in bottles.’
’No!’ cried Olive. ‘That might leave all the more room for
’I suppose,’ said Lady Bennerley, contemplatively, ‘if the
love-business went, something else would take its place.
Morphia, perhaps. A little morphine in all the air. It would
be wonderfully refreshing for everybody.’
’The government releasing ether into the air on Satur-
days, for a cheerful weekend!’ said Jack. ‘Sounds all right,
but where should we be by Wednesday?’
’So long as you can forget your body you are happy,’ said
Lady Bennerley. ‘And the moment you begin to be aware of
your body, you are wretched. So, if civilization is any good,
it has to help us to forget our bodies, and then time passes
happily without our knowing it.’
’Help us to get rid of our bodies altogether,’ said Win-
terslow. ‘It’s quite time man began to improve on his own
nature, especially the physical side of it.’

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