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BRUSSELS, June 8 (Reuters) - European Parliament lawmakers on Wednesday voted to support an effective EU ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035, rejecting attempts to weaken the proposal to speed Europe's shift to electric vehicles.

Interesanti ar kādu enerģiju viņi domā tās kārbas darbināt. Vējdzirnavām un varavīkšņu pirdieniem?

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- It's funny how these eurofags never explain how they gonna power all those electric vehicles considering they are trying to ban the construction of nuclear power plants and shut down the existing once. Although the existing power transmission infrastructure will not be able to handle much increased loads.:M

- Y'all need to understand that the goal has nothing to do with ecology. The goal is to make a car unaffordable to the poorer stratas of the society – not only is an electric car more expensive, but it's also ready for junkyard after several years (since the price of a new battery is so high you may as well buy a new car), meaning you won't have poor people drive around 14+ years old cars like you do now. With the drastically lower amount of vehicles on the road, the power transmission infrastructure won't need that much upgrading.

It's also why all the larger cities in EU are basically waging a war on motorists, and why ecological concerns over the issue are handwaved even by activists (since the harsher ecologic impact of making an electric car is more than balanced by the fact there'll be much, much less of them). Think about it – you think the rich and powerful want some bug-eating pod people blocking the roads? So he has to be stuck in a traffic jam with them? Fuck no. They'll all be crammed into public transport or, better yet, be made to bicycle to work. It also solves most traffic issues born from overcrowding in cities.

Kā redzams arī šeit, uz bugmeņiem propaganda strādā tik labi, ka viņi paši pēc šī alkst.

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