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This is getting silly now... Remember they said the vaxx was "safe and effective," and it was "two shots to freedom," remember when the vaxx had a "99% efficacy," rate?..
...Well now the media are gloating and calling you an "anti-vaxxer," if you had two shots of the vaxx, had side effects that damaged your ability to play the guitar as one of the most famous guitar players ever, so decided against anymore of the vaxx poison and now catch covid...
Virulent anti-vaxxer Eric Clapton, 76, who branded COVID vaccine rollout as 'mass formation hypnosis' falls sick with the virus and is forced to cancel shows
If the media were honest they should have written "Double jabbed Clapton, who had to learn to play the guitar again after poison shots, still contracts covid... "Safe and effective?" more like dangerous and useless."

First line of the story.

Second line of the story.

Third line of the story.

So how does the vaxx work again? And what is the definition of Anti-vaxx? Because now you are seen as anti-vaxx if you take any vaxx but get side effects and speak out and the press gloat at you getting covid even if you are fully vaxxed because you got sick from the vaxx and told your story.
Very strange, you now have to believe in the vaxx for it to work and not be called an anti-vaxxer...
...Be Clapton, get vaxx after being told it is safe and effective and you only need 2 shots and has efficacy rating of 99%
Suffer side effects.
Get second shot because family are all NPC cucks.
Get really bad side effects.
Speak out against vaxx despite family being upset.
Media calls you anti vaxx.
Still get covid and you are blamed for it by media and NPC family, who are now telling you you should have got the forth shot of the two shot 99% safe and effective vaxx, after the second shot nearly killed you.

You are now called "anti-vaxx," if you question the vaxx, you have to BELIEVE in the vaxx. And you are not to be believed if you have any side effects from it.
Imagine being a snake oil salesman in a small town having the brass neck to not only shill this dangerous shit that hurts people. Then having the balls to deny their "claims," of injury, then after they caught the ailment the snake oil was supposed to prevent, blaming THEM for THEIR doubt of the MIRICLE CURE. FFS the salesman would have been lynched long before that and so would his paid up shills. But now of course we live in more enlightened times :D and you still have a a such a massive flock of gullible rubes who worship "the science," that the shills feel they STILL can get away with blaming the uselessness of their snakeoil on the DOUBT of those who took it had bad side effects and still got ill.

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