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- Cant even compare them to flu shots, as the flu shots actively target the strain they think will be the dominant one but they cant use the same technology as the flu shots because its a different kind of illness. The Vax and boosters are derived from the alpha strain, they have to keep pushing this crap to get the governments to accept the technology (emergency use lol) because they dont have any long term data to suggest safety measures, so they are ramming it through to make it legal by the fact that everyone has been forced to take it.
What happens when they market the latest newest up to date superduper vax variant for the most super deadly strain only to have hedged their bets and the next variant is from some other strain that bypasses the nuVaxBoost version? Oh well, we tried?
Fucking alpha strain vaccine for a long since mutated virus
Motherfuckers are installing McAfee from a CD found at a jumble sale, not updating and expecting protection
A middle aged man using a condom from their high school days
Why the fuck is this shit so funny and horrifying at the same time?

- I have tried pointing this out to a number of people irl, and they look at me, say "yeah, I know", then go and get a booster.

- Tells you a lot about human nature and their reasoning capabilities. Sometimes i believe the elites made the whole scheme as contradictory as possible (it's a mess, really), just to observe how stupid their cattle actually are.

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