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- The fact that none of the major entities are screaming about the results from the released Pfizer papers tells you all you need to know. This is all you need to see there is a major conspiracy happening in real time. Real results from the manufacturers themselves, suppressed by the authorities and media, released by court order. You can't get anything clearer than this.
I am guessing the people at your university are oblivious to the Pfizer papers too? In spite of being scientists?

- You're not going to believe me but in the German school system they teach something called media competency. What's that, you ask? Reading many different sources and evaluating them for yourself?
No, my friend. What they teach you is how to spot and avoid dissident or discordant news and how to find the official, state-owned "independent" outlets, and that you need to trust the experts because the world is too complicated for you.

- Really? Holy shit.

- "Question everything!" was also what our teachers said, but it in retrospect it certainly wasn't what they meant, and the questioning was always guided.
It was "question Christianity, question traditions", and admittedly in my time it also was still "question corporations".
But it certainly wasn't "question the political system" or "question the state-owned media".

I have to say it was quite effective, as that gives people the illusion of being rebellious free thinkers, without ever questioning what's really going on.

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