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padoms pseidoliberāļiem
You thought you were the good guy all your life, drank all that feel good cool aid the left fed you for years, except it turns out you were the baddie after all, but after decades of smelling your own farts you just can't admit the obvious, that you have reduced yourself to simp for a despotic authoritarian regime that came into power through a blatant colored revolution.

When you have reduced yourself to support authoritarianism because you have convinced yourself only the "bad" people are getting oppressed you crossed the line already. You are no longer a liberal, you are a communist. Just own it and brag about it if you want but stop fucking pretending otherwise.

mazliet specifiskāk āmurikas komntekstā:

If you don't want people to think you cheated -- and you didn't cheat -- then stop acting like a cheater.
Stop suing courts to get them to remove voter ID laws. Stop changing laws to remove signature verification. Stop changing laws to allow ballot harvesting. Learn how to count your fucking ballots in a day instead of a month.

Because when a normal person looks at someone who keeps doing that shit, all they see is someone who wants to cheat.

Kind of funny when the same exact sort of shit happens in a third world country, every mainstream media outlet has no problem calling it out

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