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"No, they don't use toilet paper - you can look it up, I think Turkey has just allowed it recently. But up until now the accepted method is to use water. Problem is, if you don't have a bidet (like my family do: toilet paper > bidet) then they will forgo the toilet paper and either use a bottle of water with a hole punched in the top, or attempt some atheltics to get their ass under the tap of the hand basin.
I always remember trying to console/tell a joke to the Polish cleaner as she stood there each morning - shaking her head at the brown water that sat 1/4" off the tiled floor, and splashed all over the tiled walls, etc.

There was a video a few years back of an arab guy squatting in a drinking fountain in a public high street in Italy. He was crouched down in the water, and using his left hand to wipe his ass, the alternating each time with cupping his hand and drinking from the ankle deep water in the fountain. I think he was doing it on purpose to wind up the Italians. But that's why it's a great insult if a middle-eastern guy extends his left hand for you to shake."

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