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Hässleholm municipality is forced to raise their local tax due to "unemployed immigrants"

Published May 11, 2019 at 14.31
DOMESTIC. The municipality of Hässleholm is now also in crisis since the refugee wave's immigrants do not work but go to grants. The situation for Sweden's municipalities is starting to become "dangerous", writes Caroline Dahlman in Kristianstadsbladet.

Nav pirmais raports, kur kāda zviedru pašvaldība tuva bankrotam, jo (surprise surprise) nespēj savienot savu diegabikšsociālismu ar nekontrolētu siseņu migrāciju.

Alarm reports from Sweden's municipalities stand as a rod on the slope. The reason is that state compensation for new arrivals ceases.

In Hässleholm municipality, there is currently an "extremely difficult economic situation", one can read in Kristianstadsbladet.

According to the newspaper's Caroline Dahlman, it is precisely because of the fact that the state's costs are gradually being transferred to the municipality, which ends in the fact that the supply aid is shining away.

In addition, the municipality will be forced to receive even more immigrants in 2019. As a result of the more generous rules for family migrants, which the Center Party demanded in the government agreement with S and MP, another 450 new arrivals are expected to arrive in Hässleholm during the year.

The costs that reduce Hässleholm are such as financial assistance, SFI and language support. Even in the neighboring municipality of Kristianstad, the supply support is expected to shine off for the same reason.

According to Dahlman, it looks pretty dark for Sweden.

"If the integration continues to work poorly, it becomes both dangerous to the affinity and creates understandable irritation among those who have to pay for all the unemployed people's livelihood. way, "she writes.

In Hässleholm, the "sky-raising" tax is planned to be able to finance all immigrants. And that even M-led municipalities choose to raise the tax so much, shows how serious the situation is, says Caroline Dahlman.

"The expenditure has increased for a long time except control and costs as a result of the migration increase," it was called Hässleholm in Tuesday's Kristianstadsbladet, where the planned action was called a "tax shock".

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