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There's also the fact that immigrants to America have always been Christian for the most part, so there has been a relatively high amount of social unity all things considered. Discord is almost always caused by ethnic tensions and cultural upheavals (1960's). Contrast with Sweden and western Europe in general, whose immigrants are for the most part Muslims from Africa and the Middle East. So, Europe has compounded the problem America has by not only importing overwhelming numbers of disparate ethnic groups, but a different religious group as well. Muslims are people with very different psychological temperaments, worldviews, and cultural values from Europeans, who are still for the most part Christian in their sensibilities; this will cause far more social disruption than mere racial conflict. There's also the issue of integration, which secular Europe just does not have the capacity to carry out. Up until the 70's, immigrants in America were pressured into conforming to the general culture, which many Americans are now realizing wasn't a bad idea after all. Europe, on the other hand, has no higher values other than "muh freedoms" to try and pressure immigrants to conform to. It's a complete free-for-all and the group with the most enthusiasm and spirit will gradually transform the native culture. It's analogous to the process with which Christianity transformed the Roman Empire.

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