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Known Subject
This time she was dressed to kill. Something very fresh, I don't even know the name of collection, branch, style or whatever, but all black, oriental and uncovered shoulder... Ahhhhh.

However it isn't me she is trying to kill. Rather my feelings. First of all I don't care about clothes. It's something else I look into. Second, she sets a bar I can't overcome right now and even if I manage to make the garments and clothes out of them, then only by the end of the year proving how different my taste is thus only enlarging distance between us.

In addition to that she was wearing three pendants at the same time. One of it in a shape of a heart, which makes me wonder if it is not a gift from somebody and maybe I am looking into someone else's garden. Heart however was empty inside, just a shape. Would anybody present an empty heart? No, it rather symbolises her heart, which still has a place for somebody in it. But that's only my hope. I can't just ask. And even if she's alone I am not sure she likes me. She doesn't even think about saying goodbye as she leaves.

Moreover, color of her nails has already changed. Oh those chemical women... Can be poisonous as Gorgona.

Top of everything was a bright red coat. Red is a colour my emotions are never coloured with and my eyes never enjoy.

All that are signs that I am picking the wrong person. But signs can be wrong. And I like this person very much anyway and enjoy every moment of holding her hands in mine.

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