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@ 2019-06-13 09:31:00

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Sakņu vietā
ir šausmas un paranoja; other than that, I'm pretty much a tumbleweed.
Also, given as a parallel universe, there's a bubble-gum candy-cotton colored imaginary dreamland utopia: childhood; that may be placed anywhere in the past or in the future on my timeline; where I'm a happy, gifted star-child, and where my imagination or buying things can still sometimes carry me. There will always be an area meant for pure, free, unlimited bliss in my brain- no matter the Auschwitz, no matter the Chernobyl. No matter the surrounding circumstances and disasters around me, or the soon approaching future.
Besides, it is only human not to see the sword of Damocles, but to let the time pass in imaginary oases, instead.

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