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Rough times. Give me job - please!!!
So let's asume that it's a bit pathethic to watch sitcom "The big bang theory" all day and night. So what ? Pathetic is word what people use to subscribe things they think to be pathetic. And there are many people and many tastes so we can asume that there are people who thinks it's not pathetic. Great. Like I care other people thoughts of this specific subject ?!? Since when ?? The reason of my dissapointment is that I think it's pathetic. And there is always part of me wich reminds me my position - 22 years: not finished (yet) high school, have no job, have no girlfriend, lives with his parents, have crazy thoughts, low social skills and wich is the most tragic - have low self esteem, and self-confidence. Luckily, there is that other part of me wich reminds my pros - have potential in writing, have well built analitic mind, have plenty of spare time, have a litlle savings from last temporary work, have interests in many themes (just don't know how to write it in english correctly), and I am empathic, generous, kind and nice. So I propose a deal to my destiny, god above us or any other strenght there might be but doubtly is - Get me job, give me job, show me the path to job, or any other kind help to get out of swamp!!! I believe that job will logicaly lead to - money --> apartment and than we will see... so please - strenght that I do not believe, but hope you are there - help me find job (please) and I wil promise to try litlle harder to believe there is a god, strength or whatever you wanna to I call you!!!

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