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You and I vs I against I
Šī dziesma esmu es un mans pusbrāļuks un man nav ne jausmas, kāpēc tieši tādas asociācijas. :)

We never leave each other 'cause we leave each other so cold
Makes it melt away
The easy part is taking yourself in
It’s wartime every time
Shot away
Wipe the smile from your face
It’s getting in the way
It’s wartime every time
She cut me a line and she turned me on
She made it cool
You couldn’t do it if you wanted to

We're like identical twins
Sucking on the same teat
Spitting out the same things


Nu bet, ja par mani - I against I . . .

I against I,
Flesh of my flesh,
And mind of my mind,
Two of a kind but one won't survive,
My images reflect in the enemies eye,
And his images reflect in mine the same time,


A door step where death never come,
Spread across time til my time never done,
And I'm never done,
Walk tall, why ever run?
When they move if I ever come?
Bad man never fret the war, tell'em come
General we have the stock, the mad fire burn


Who am i? One man squadron,
Ma stir the fire this time that'd snatch your tomorrow,
The thousand yard spear that'll pierce through your armor,
You can get it on right now if you want to,
But when ya front 9 get marched through,
I warned you,
You know who forever belong to,


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