Nov. 12., 2019 | 01:11 am
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Neziu, vai brīvas dienas man nāk par labu. Pastaigājos pa 3-4h dienā, tad snaužu. Nakti jāņoju. Vajadzēja visu ko izlasīt un izdarīt. Vainas sajūta pil kā līdz galam neaizgriezts krāns.

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šis jau ir konkrēts totalitārisms - go swedistan

Nov. 12., 2019 | 12:51 am
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Police arrested and lectured a 61-year-old woman after racist comment on facebook: "Free Times has connections to Sweden Democrats, they are bad"
Published November 11, 2019 at 11:14
DOMESTIC. A 61-year-old woman was arrested and questioned and on top of that, DNA-tested after writing a "racist" comment on facebook over a artcile on Free Times. Then she got a lecture from a younger female police officer on "source criticism and evil media" from the "hate crime group", writes Exakt24.

The elderly woman was reported to police by the Nethatehunter group for criticizing Somalis in a Facebook comment on a posted Free Times article about a group rape against a girl aged 15.


According to Exakt24, in connection with the hearing about "incitement against ethnic minorities" crime, the police decided to DNA-test the woman. During the actual hearing, the 61-year-old was hard pressed by the female police officer Martina Lindberg, who demanded to know if the woman knew what "source criticism is" and that "Free Times is evil media".
- "Do you know about Free Times? It's a so-called. "Alternative media site" AKA "evil media" with links to the Sweden Democrats and bad political parties that are strongly immigration-critical", said the police woman.
Martina Lindberg further stated that the Free Times article was not "true" and asked the woman to "think about the source".
Lindberg also asked further questions.
- "Do you see any problems with sitting and reading and getting angry about an article that is not true?"
- "Are you aware that people may perceive you as racist when writing such statements on public forums?"
- "Do you write similar things that can be perceived as racist in more places than in this group?"
- "Can you understand that this is perceived as a generalization against Somalis?"
The 61-year-old had a facebook profile where she did not appear in the photo herself, which is why the police instead used pictures of the woman's relatives in the preliminary investigation, to identify her. The pictures of the relatives were never censored after the preliminary investigation was completed, but were filed in the existing condition. Since the preliminary investigation is public documents, the 61-year-old's relatives are now, thanks to Martina Lindberg work, "outed" with full open pictures as relatives of a "suspected criminal".
Recently, the Police have invested considerable resources in chasing people who have criticized the development of society online, while at the same time having rape convictions gathered on high. One measure that the police have chosen to prioritize in these contexts is body visitation, also called DNA testing, which can be implemented if prison is included in the scale.
Exact24 has unsuccessfully sought a comment from the "hate crime group west", where Martina Lindberg works.
According to the online newspaper, Lindberg has also previously run the investigation against the right-wing academic Bilyana Martinovski. Martinovski was arrested last month under riotous forms by the hate crime group at Arlanda, accused of having "wronged" a female left activist via Twitter.

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Nov. 12., 2019 | 12:06 am
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uz sekundīti atcerējos kam tas viss. tikai tādās reizēs man būtu labāk atnākt

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Nov. 11., 2019 | 11:27 pm
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Cepu bezē (pirmo reizi) un sanāca brūnas, porainas kakiņas. Secinājums: vajag vairāk kult un mazāk karsēt. Tad izdomāju cept biskvītu bet tā kā man grūti sekot receptēm (šoreiz pat nevienā nepaskatijos) sanāca salda pazole. Vienreiz kungam cepu šokolādes kūku, bet sanāca ļoti labs liels cepums kā arī madariņas dzimšanas dienā kūlu masu viņas siera kūkai un tā nesacietēja un iztecēja pa visurieni. Tā man iet ar saldajiem.

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Simo: Kaķītis ir no citas plastmasas nekā mēs

Simo (redzot, ka kaķis mazgājas): viņam garšo mugura
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