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23:04: Touchy-feely MDMA
Brīnišķīgi, astoņkāji, kas salietojušies ecstasy:

“They’re basically hugging the [cage] and exposing parts of their body that they don’t normally expose to another octopus,”

“Some were being very playful, doing water acrobatics or spent time fondling the airstone [aquarium bubbler],” said Dölen.

Others stretched out all eight arms and just floated around, doing what the researchers described as “water ballet”.


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Date:20. Septembris 2018 - 23:25
Šis būs mans mīļākais raksts uz brīdi. Ja neskaita, ka neviens nav uzrakstījis par come-down.
Date:21. Septembris 2018 - 07:40
Paldies par rīta prieku :D
Date:21. Septembris 2018 - 16:17
Jā, pievienojos, ka lielisks ieraksts.
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