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Posted on 01.02.2019 at 09:21
1. Fix something that is easy to fix. The chair that has been squeaking for the last year needs WD40. The Halloween candy that has been in the bowl in the reception area needs to be thrown away. The stack of reports that you will never read but makes you feel guilty needs to go in recycling. Do it!

2. Listen to the people around you who are closest to the work. The service technicians or the customer service reps are the ones who really know what’s going on. It may sound like they are complaining but take a good listen; you may learn something that will improve your own performance. Or, you will at least stop feeling sorry for yourself.

3. Make the hard phone call. Admit it, you have been putting it off. The mean guy who is quibbling with the bill – call him and settle it to get it over with. The lawyer who overcharged you – call her to figure out a new price. The custodians who need to fix the sink in the break room – call them. The little annoying things nag on you.

4. Respond to the hard emails. There is a category of emails that don’t get deleted because you know you have to deal with them eventually. Today is that day. These are the emails that are complaints or require you to fill out a form or a meeting request with someone who you don’t want to meet with. The emails won’t go away even if you put them in a folder. Hit the reply button.

5. Do the on-line training. It could be the new software, could be the new performance review system, could be HR training of some sort, could be safety training or any number of things that you don’t have time or want to do. It won’t go away so start it and be happy when you hit that “COMPLETE” button.

6. Turn off FB and Instagram for the day. Everyone will really look like they are having a perfect day compared to yours. Which is better? Longing on the beach and skiing versus doing things that you have been putting off. Save yourself the torture.

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