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17. Janvāris 2023

09:15 - covert mass murder the best mass murder

This video is well worth watching as it shows the results of a study in Taiwan on high school kids from the first and second doses of Pfizer using ECG and asking for feedback. It found that OVER 17% of those given two doses reported at least one heart related side effect. The ECG proved this by showing that over the entire group their heart rate increased and their wave pattern altered and 1 in 1000 had a serious side effect and the ECG's were only done days after the vaxx. At the time there was no covid in Taiwan.

As Dr John says during Alpha and Delta a kid in that age group had a 1 in 2 million chance of dying and now we are in Omicron which has mutated to a cold with far less risk and the CDC in the US still is advising parents to get their 6 month olds jabbed.

This vaxx is causing heart related side effects in nearly 1 in 5 kids and serious side effects in 1 in 1000 in the VERY SHORT TERM and the medical authorities in most countries don't seem interested in performing their own studies, but just recommend the useless dangerous vaxx that isn't even needed as they investigate/ cover up the heart related side effects it caused in over 65's. Isn't it well past time they paused giving people the vaxx when it clearly is not needed and subject to investigation?

We seem to be at a strange turning point where the CDC are admitting they were lied to by Moderna and the vaxx causes damage and even reuters who are in bed with Pfizer are reporting it, but the MSM and big tech are still covering up and censoring and smearing critics and people asking questions and blaming everything but the vaxx for people dropping on camera.

In six months time they will have moved to the bargining stage, when they admit the vaxx killed more than it saved, but pretend they were doing it from good intentions.


Aģentūras my ass.
FDA Colluded With Moderna to Bypass COVID Vaccine Safety Standards, Documents Reveal

Nanočipu u.c. eksotisku lietu tur nav. Kāpēc, lai viņi tā tērētos goju indēšanai. Izskatās vairāk pēc brāgas, kas salieta no dažādā pakāpē sarūgušām burkām un šur tur tīru ūdeni. Veicas tiem, kas dabūja ūdeni.
A recent laboratory investigation by The Highwire reveals the only consistent thing about the COVID shots are their inconsistency. There is no quality control. Some appear clear like saline, while others are loaded with contaminants
The vials also contain massively inconsistent amounts of polyethylene glycol (PEG). PEG can cause anaphylactic shock in some people. PEG also gets in the way of proper immune response
If you are unfortunate enough to get a vial that is loaded with PEG, your risk of adverse effects such as anaphylactic shock and disregulated immune response is greater than if you get a vial with lower amounts

Un vaksīši slimo vienā slimošanā.

U.S. FDA, CDC see early signal of possible Pfizer bivalent COVID shot link to stroke
Older adults eh? Nez kāpēc no 'suddenly' pamatā cieš jauni cilvēki, ieskaitot bērnus.
Tikmēr tie, kas mums uzspieda šo čūsku eļļu diez vai lieto vakcinētu pilotu pakalpojumus, lai lidinātos uz Davosu.
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