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16. Janvāris 2023

20:34 - sacensības par Darvina balvu

So here in the UK the government built temporary morgues and pop up hospitals to deal with the overload of the "deadly," pandemic. Funny thing is they were never used as the government and it's "experts," did daily scaremongering briefings covered by all the MSM giving the latest death count.

But guess what? These temporary morgues now have had to be opened due to the surging excess deaths that are higher than during the "pandemic." But for some reason the government is ignoring this actual health crisis and doesn't seem keen on informing the public about this deadly wave of excess deaths that forces them to actually use the buildings they were opening to scare the public about covid and never used...

Make-shift MORGUES built during Covid crisis are being reopened to house dead bodies amid surge in fatalities over festive period​

Love the new cause of deaths... Christmas
Just look at the nearly empty House of Commons, that is how little interest these elected politicians have in the welfare of the people they are supposed to represent. Despite the fact that the government has admitted the vaxx kills people by paying out compensation for vaxx deaths and injuries it seems they are not interested in an investigation or the public health crisis now of excess deaths, but when they were granting themselves the power to lock down the public and strip peoples rights because of the "deadly," pandemic there was standing room only in the House of Commons. Now more people are dying and they are not interested in investigating why or informing the public and kick out anyone who is.

Anyway good for Bridgen he is now independent, I hope he continues to hold these scum to account and stands against the Conservatives and wins in the next election, while the "Conservative," party loses all their seats. Anyone else willing to stand up in their party against this bullshit should resign as it is more likely to save them from being voted out. The Tories are so toxic now they will be lucky to keep 100 seats at the next election.
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