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24. Jūnijs 2019


on why we need Jesus in our lives


These evil fuck leftist propoganda merchants in the MSM have smelled blood in the water and they will not stop until all the big tech companies removes any competition to their monopoly on "the truth." And the government silences any opposition. Imagine writing an article pretending cultural marxism is a conspiricy theory when every company and public body is rubbing everyones nose into an LGBTQ flag all month. Look I don't give a shit what people do in their bedrooms but don't ask me and the kids to wave a flag and celebrate peoples perversions, I'd rather that be private and people not take "pride," in fucking another man up the ass, just like I wouldn't expect people to take pride in me jacking off over a dirty Brit slag getting shagged in a fake taxi video. laps teksc )

17:24 - swdening

Lūk rezukltāti, kad tu sāc dot mežonīgiem, stulbiem pērtiķiem teh hooman raits - viņi pat nesaprot kas tas ir:
Rashid Musa on the Swedish National Day: Feel no loyalty to Sweden

Published: June 20, 2019, 22:12
Sweden's young Muslims (SUM) chairman Rashid Musa used Sweden's national day to point out to their followers that they do not have to be loyal or grateful to Sweden.

It was in a post on Facebook that the Muslim leader expressed his attitude:

-"You do not need to show gratitude or feel any loyalty to the Swedish nation state to be treated as an equal citizen. Sweden has adopted the general declaration on human rights and nowhere does it say that you have to show some gratitude to the state for the rights to apply to you. Without them, they are inviolable and apply to all who live here. And it is the Swedish state's duty to ensure that these rights are lived up to regardless of whether you choose to sing the national anthem with full voice or if you just want to enjoy their day off."
Tas tā, lai lohi saprastu cik pateicīgi visi tie nigras ir par jūsu neldzīgo welkomunizmu.
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