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iedzeris [Mar. 8th, 2018|10:55 pm]
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kadreiz mazliet šad tad rakstīju par šo džeku no zviedrijas, jo viņš, prof ziņā, meģināja izvilkt mani no... stasis (personality stasis). Biju dibinājis uzņememu ar yanku no C.A, un viņš (no zviedras) lietoja kokainu vai dzīves saspringumu. Satiku viņu pirms gada (nejauši). Viņš piedavāja man pirkstu, jo runāja pa telefonu.
Tagad eju cauri vecām papirām, un atradu šo, kas principā ir sižets no dzives - viņš, Uve, un es (kurš neko neteica, izņemot 'yes')
"Did they offer you a cup of tea or coffee?"
"Good. Because you know they have to. They should really know that. I mean know without having to be reminded. It's a principal of good service, but it never ceases to amaze me, you know. I mean 'irregular cups' - assortments. In your house, Uve, for the best guests you have the best cups. Well, of course, it's the same in the office. But try telling that to these people! Try it!"
"Tea is tea, Sven."
"Yes, and wine is whisky, and water is wine until we are all crucified, right? Tell me, what will we do then?"
"Okay, so very nice tea."
"Good, yes, so come into the office. Don't mind the mess - you know the product of a busy mind. You can't make an omelette without smashing the eggs, right?"
"Cooking, Sven?"
"Yes, cooking ideas, very good: you caught the metaphor. You know, I was with the ex-Swedish ambassador's wife; lovely, gentle lady at the cooking club. Very expensive, although all in Latvian, of course. Sometimes, you want to smash the eggs on the chef's forehead... to continue the metaphor."
"That's taking it all a little far, isn't it?"
"What, cooking? 150 lats a throw, but you know I'm not into the bar scene. Okay, so we don't talk about last night, right? Never talk about last night - and, you know, it's worth it. What for not choosing the most expensive wine in the restaurant, now I can cook a perch fillet in a lemon and cranberry sauce, even though, of course, I am a man - and have you noticed that is still about?"
"Well I buy the alcohol. My wife buys the food."
"Very good! Division of labour. So let me just clear a space. Okay, so what is this? Dace! Kur ir mana dienas gramata?"
"Here, Sven."
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Date:March 9th, 2018 - 06:27 am
Ņam ņam.