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So there's yet another Pym for you, Jack, and you had better add him to my file even if he is neither admirable nor, I suspect, comprehensible to you, though Poppy knew him inside out from the first day. He's the Pym who can't rest till he's touched the love in people, then can't rest till he's hacked his way out of it, the more drastically the better.

Pym who does nothing cynically, nothing without conviction. Who sets events in motion in order to become their victim, which he calls decision,[...]
// Le Carré J. A Perfect Spy
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Date: 14. Jūlijs 2012 - 01:29
Cik daudz prātības uz tieši man aktuālas tēmas.
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Date: 14. Jūlijs 2012 - 21:47
Tas Lekarē vispār ir traki dīvains frukts. It kā rakstacspiegu romānus, bet tie vairāk lasās kā kkāds Prusts vai kas tāds.
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