Pilnmēness nogurdinātie - 17. Aprīlis 2012

About 17. Aprīlis 2012

Pameklēju, izrādās šis pat ir valsts nozīmes k.p. ierakstīts. Gleznojums tobiš. Pati ēka savukārt nezkāpēc tikai vietējās nozīmes.

Visu zemju pilsētaktīvisti!10:42
Tīri neslikta doma: http://thecity2.org/

Un TED arī patlaban piedāvā $10'000 sponsorējumu projektiem, kas būtu ar to saistīti:
TED is proud to offer ten (10) awards of $10,000, coming out of the $100,000 TED Prize award, for local projects likely to spur the creation of the City 2.0. All applications must be submitted by May 15 to be considered. All shortlisted projects will be contacted for phone or video interviews. The awards may be handed out on a rolling basis, with all 10 awarded by and announced at TEDGlobal (end of June 2012).

Un tie nosacījumi izskatās visai inclusive. No guidelainiem:

3. Unproven concepts with a strong action plan are welcome. Our goal is to help people experiment and think big.
4. Projects that have already begun are eligible for the award. In fact, evidence of progress already made is a benefit.
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