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Nov. 22nd, 2021 | 04:38 pm
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For non-mathies - the button basically is equating god with an imaginary number so it basically says god is imaginary. The square root of -1 is usually written as i. So you could write god = i, which could still be read as god is imaginary if your a mathie, or i am god if you take sort of a literal read of it.

As a side note imaginary numbers are one component of complex numbers; one way of expressing complex numbers is R + ni where R and n ares any real numbers. Thus Real numbers are just a sub-set of complex numbers with n=0.

The naming is a bit unfortunate since imaginary numbers, like i, are not imaginary, they do exist and complex numbers aren’t complex; once you can get past the way we educate kids about numbers.

If we could go back and change things we’d probably call complex numbers, Real. And what we currently call Real numbers, would be almost-real or something like that.

One of the many lies you are taught in school is that there is no such thing as a square root of a negative number. This is false as there is always a Complex root, just no Real root. Complex maths was discovered/used when working out the roots of various polynomial equations, however early on the complex numbers were seen as a trick rather than something that was an actual mathematical construct and any answer including a complex number would be ignored; thus part of the reason for the use of imaginary.

Ktulu, šitais bija tas, kas man jāmācās, ja? Es tūlīt izlasīšu vēlreiz

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