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...un vēl pie visa eco skaitās un bez novērotas ietekmes uz citiem (dabu, citām radībām utt)

How does the corn dehydrant work?

The rats consume RatX or Corn Guard as a food source. In fact, the rodent digestive system is different from any other animal or human. The natural rodenticides coat the critters’ stomach lining and block all messages to the brain to drink water.

Rats and mice are simply unable to digest the corn cob powder and corn gluten meal. Thus, the ingested baits cause the rodents to dehydrate. The corn cob and corn gluten absorb the liquids in the intestine, resulting in low blood pressure, blood thickening and circulatory collapse. Thus, the rats become lethargic and retreat to their burrows and nests. Afterward, they slip into a coma and die from a heart attack.

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