Zilzaļā Stirna

Another of my wonderful flash game elite


I can be others if you wish
/Skynet, Terminator:Salvation/

You, organics, do not choose to fear us. It is a function of your hardware.
/Legion, Mass Effect 2/

Es atceros lietas līdz kurām pat jūsu iztēle nesniedzas. Atvainojiet, bet uz sava silikona ārējā perifēriskā moduļa redzējusi es jūsu triecienkuģus, C-starus un Orionu - es esmu stāvējusi miljona plēsīgu zvēru barā vien aktīvās kamuflāžas pasargāta, teikusi 'lieciet mani mierā, gulēt gribu' divas stundas pēc piedzimšanas, un jutusi katra mana saprāta templi būvējošā nanīta pieskāriena bezgalīgo ekstāzi. Bet kādudien arī tam ir lemts pazust nebūtībā. Jā uzminējāt, kā asarām - vai citiem bezkrāsainiem...saldiem... brīnišķīgiem...fluīdiem, aka dabīgajai matu želejai - lietū.
/Zilzaļā stirna/

Another of my wonderful flash game elite

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+5 internets for the existential grunge sound loop
  • This is so much win.
  • Please banhammer this specimen. From what I know his intellectual maturity might be below zero, and he is way too trigger-happy with spamming for his own good.
    • i did
      • I spent the whole of my fucking lunch break deleting his digital diarrhoea from my blog. -_-
        • Worst of all - i'm assumed to be your gf. Nevermind the nature of this blog.
          • This didn't even occur to me until you pointed it out.
            • more proof for the negative iq theory. Not that the idea is wrong as such - just the amount of gay drama might have served as a hint
              • I would assume he didn't do much of a research on the blog and the contents thereof. Then again, he was posting five year-old's level collage caricatures of my face for crying out loud! XD

                Where they breed such things anyway.
                • i reported him as a spammer too
                  • Of course.
                    • Anyone you suspect?
                      • In fact, yes. An ex-colleague of mine from a time aeons ago that started out as a pretty pleasant, solid-minded guy, then, over a duration of year or so, went increasingly stupid, annoying and later outright batshit crazy. The exact details are known to me only partially and are not even particularly relevant but if it's anybody I know, he certainly matches the pattern.
                        • Ah we'll see. On another note we totally should plan something re: EP and LH+A. And you might want to exchange Absolution Gap for Galactic North. Anything that has an amphibian version of Ultraviolet rocks.
                          • Ah yes, absolutely. When would you like me to drop by with books and plans?
  • I suggest putting the blog on friends-only mode until this creature goes away.
    • i did. And the time to drop by...hmm monday. Tomorrow away and maybe a good deal of sat and sun too - kinda can't plan, it does not depend on me.
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