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[May. 15th, 2034|06:16 am]
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Eksperti saka: Krievija grib ieviest 5G, tāpēc propagandē, ka 5G ir kaitīgs
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Date:May 15th, 2019 - 10:12 am
Jautājums nav vai radiācija vispār var ietekmēt cilvēkus, bet par to cik stipra radiācijas vajadzīga. Šis raksts no delfu komentāriem vispār ir interesants:

MMW has been used for many years as a non-invasive therapeutic modality in complementary medicine in many Eastern European countries for pain therapy (Taras et al., 2006) with some evidence that short term application of certain frequencies stimulate release of endogenous opioids in the skin (Ziskin, 2013). For a contrary purpose, the military are using 95 GHz MMW for non-lethal active denial systems (Gross, 2010). It appears that the 95 GHz MMW range affects the cutaneous nociceptors and act as a threatening stimulus without heating or thermal damage (LeVine, 2009). The mechanism has not been fully elucidated but researchers have proposed the sweat glands as a target.
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Date:May 17th, 2019 - 11:19 pm
As now the Cosmic Central Race is depleting their energy to the point where they are threatened with extinction, the Chimera has devised a plan to reinforce their negative energy field with 5G technology which they plan to implement in large cities with the assistance of many microsatellites:

They are also planning to reinforce that technology with nanobots:

The Light forces are taking action to counteract all this.