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12/31/23 01:03 pm

> When covid first started I asked my 22 year old son his perspective. "Now is the time you have to watch out for all the stupid people Dad. They're going to be scared." He was so right.

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12/31/23 01:17 am

Q: What it is that protects people?

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12/31/23 01:02 am

> What we are going to see... and people can write this down... is fewer cases of long covid but more cases of short covid. And with short I mean really short.

for the vaccinated people:

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12/30/23 08:41 pm

meklēt pozitīvismu leitestos be like:

12/30/23 08:21 pm

> As the production of these NNAbs produced upon VBTIs in highly C-19 vaccinated populations will soon collectively decrease to suboptimal levels, SC-2 is poised to undergo a spectacular mutation to overcome the immune selection pressure collectively exerted by these Abs on the virus's capacity to prevent their virulence-inhibiting activity. This strongly suggests that in populations with high C-19 vaccination rates, elevated infection rates may no longer come with the benefit of protection against severe C-19 disease.

> The unexpected emergence of Omicron and its significant mutational changes in the receptor-binding domain of S protein (S-RBD) has caught us all off guard. The advent of Omicron was a scourge as it paved the way for the imminent appearance of a new variant, only expected to emerge much more suddenly and come with mutations (presumably in the O-glycosylation profile) that are even much more spectacular. Unlike the previous situation with the advent of Omicron, the consequence this time will not be limited to heightened infectiousness but will be compounded by a high level of viral virulence.

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12/30/23 07:32 pm

> Topol openly admits (as also D. Barouch did several months ago) that they don't comprehend how the Abs are still exhibiting neutralizing effects (E. Topol: ‘this is damn lucky’). How can they accept this lack of understanding? It's like accepting a death sentence. Death rates in Finland (with a full vaccination rate: 78.5%) appear to be increasing in tandem with the rise in JN.1 throughout Scandinavia. However, regardless of whether the rising hospitalization and mortality rates are still primarily due to non-Covid-19 excess hospitalizations and deaths or to JN.1 already evolving towards a more virulent behavior in C-19 vaccinees, the ignorance and naïve optimism of Topol’s ‘highly regarded labs’ are equally worrisome (as both phenomena underlie the same cause)! All their hope now solely relies on 'pseudo'neutralization, but that hope will rapidly vanish when clinics eventually reveal the truth....

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12/30/23 07:16 pm

> Pseudo’neutralization occurs when the once-neutralizing Abs are boosted due to vaccine breakthrough infection (VBTI) caused by circulating variants that have largely evaded the protective neutralizing Abs induced by Covid-19 (C-19) vaccines. Boosting results in a significant increase in the titer of these Abs, which therefore acquire the capacity to hinder viral infection by hydrophilizing virus-Ab complexes. However, due to their low binding affinity, especially after maturation into isotype-switched IgG4 Abs, these Abs will rapidly lose their infection-inhibiting (i.e., ‘pseudo’neutralizing) capacity, thereby exerting large-scale suboptimal immune pressure on viral infectiousness in highly C-19 vaccinated populations. This collective immune pressure contributes to the co-emergence and co-circulation of new immune escape variants, which are currently causing large-scale repeated VBTIs in highly C-19 vaccinated populations.


12/30/23 06:54 pm

  1. Vaccine-mediated protection against severe disease is no longer provided by the neutralizing capacity of vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies (Abs) but by new, broadly cross-reactive Abs of low intrinsic affinity that have been generated following VBTI (vaccine breakthrough infection)- or mRNA vaccine-mediated immune refocusing in highly vaccinated populations.

  2. Abs with low intrinsic affinity for the Spike (S) protein promote viral aggregation.

  3. Enhanced uptake of viral aggregates by antigen-presenting cells (APCs) causes hyperactivation of antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and thereby activates cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) instead of recalling previously vaccine-primed CD4+ T helper memory cells.

  4. Lack of cognate CD4+ T help will prevent assistance to recalling B cells producing non-neutralizing Abs (NNAbs) that are directed at repetitive patterns of a conserved antigenic domain (the so-called 'enhancing site') comprised within the N-terminal domain of the S protein (S-NTD).

  5. Lack of recall of these NNAbs cause their concentration in the blood and peripheral barriers to decline below the threshold required for these Abs to inhibit viral trans infection.

  6. Inhibition of viral trans infection prevents cellular trans fusion and dissemination of the virus to one or more distal organs and thereby prevents severe/systemic C-19 disease.

  7. Suboptimal population-level immune pressure exerted on viral trans infection will lead to immune selection pressure on viral trans infection.

  8. Immune selection pressure on viral trans infection will prompt natural selection and propagation of new variants that have the capacity to overcome NNAb-mediated inhibition of viral trans infection in all of a highly C-19 vaccinated population. These variants have therefore the capacity to become highly virulent in C-19 vaccinees.

  9. This trend cannot be reversed by vaccination as aggregation of highly infectious circulating virus by Abs with low intrinsic binding affinity for S protein is promoted by inevitable re-exposure of vaccinated individuals.

  10. In conclusion: Due to immune refocusing triggered by early Omicron variants, immune evasion is no longer solely a matter of enhanced S protein's binding affinity to the hACE2 receptor and other alterations in viral molecular structures. Immune evasion is now mainly determined by evolving modifications in the interaction of the circulating virus with the elicited adaptive immune response in highly COVID-19 vaccinated populations.

12/30/23 05:26 pm

> cik atveltīt savu, pretī saņemot kaut kādus apsolījumus

visvienkāršāk ir atveltīt savu plecu, pretī saņemot tukšus kariņa uzsaucienus

12/30/23 05:24 pm

> The three branches of government are the federal reserve, the media and the holocaust. If you are critical of one, the other two will be used in tandem to ruin you.

12/30/23 02:51 pm

> heightened CTL activity will not only obstruct the recall of cognate T memory cells to assist boosting of previously SIR-induced cross S variant-reactive Abs but will also impede the de novo priming of neutralizing Abs (NAbs) toward any C-19 vaccine (including so-called 'updated boosters').

In essence, the fulminant spread of JN.1 simply reflects the refocusing of the immune response towards 'universal' CTL responses, thereby indicating a growing immune selection pressure on S- NTD to thwart the attachment of virulence-inhibiting non-neutralizing anti-S Abs.

Sanāk, tā universālā un galējā šūniskā atbilde kavējot agrāko antiķermenīšu ražošanu un jaunu antiķermenīšu apmācīšanu. Šādu kauju organismam smagi uzturēt ilgtermiņā, jo šūniskā atbilde vnk piš cauri visam organismam un iznīcina inficētās šūnas, nevis antiķermeniski nepieļauj inficēšanos. Atbilde ārkārtas, bet efektīva, un spiež vīrusu stūrī.

12/30/23 02:33 pm

dienasgrāmata: sūdu pētnieki Īrijā uztraucas, ja jn ir kļuvis par daļēji zarnu vīrusu, kamēr sūdu pētnieki Vācijā, Austrijā un Šveicē novēro strauju pīķi

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12/30/23 02:20 pm

prikoloja, ka omikrona vēlīnie varianti atšķiroties lipīgumā no oriģinālā omikrona simtreiz vairāk kā pats omikrons no deltas or whatever

un šobrīdējās jn mutācijas ārpus pīķa "i.e., enhance the efficiency of viral protein synthesis or increase the intracellular viral replication rate"

Like, pandēmija aizskatuvē, kā izrādās, ir pilnos apgriezienos un gatavo iznācienu.

Ja omikrons bija mūsu dabiskā vakcīna, tad kas mums ir divas pakāpes lipīgākais variants? :D Ķipa, pūļa imunitāte? Diezgan rēcīgi sanāk. Un kā tas viss beigsies? Ar nedrošās un neefektīvās pseidoimunitātes uzvaru? Press X.

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12/30/23 02:13 pm

> This rapid dominance is attributed to additional mutations in viral proteins, extending beyond the S protein and accounting for a growing proportion of SC-2 variants globally. The dominant propagation of JN.1 suggests that the population's immune response does no longer primarily consist of broadly cross S variant-reactive Abs but of newly emerging immune effectors that are no longer S-specific but still exert immune pressure on viral infectiousness. This fully aligns with my theory that immune refocusing has shifted from cross S variant-reactive Abs to cross SC-2-reactive cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs). As the latter are MHC class I-unrestricted and abrogate productive viral infection at a later stage of infection, their activation in highly C-19 vaccinated populations results in suboptimal non-S-specific immune selection pressure on viral infectiousness.

tulkojums populārā latviešu valodā: bļe pizģets nahuj bļe or whatever

Īsāk tulkojot, karoče, rapīdā dominance noveļama uz mutācijām ārpus pīķa proteīna. Tas norāda uz imūno spiedienu ārpus pīķa proteīna. Tas atbilst teorijai, ka imūnsistēma ir pārslēgusies no vāju antiķermenīšu atbildes uz šūnisku atbildi (aka last resort). Šī atbilde vīrusa dzīves ciklā ir vēlīna, un tikai ķircina vīrusu.

Ārpus tulkojuma: vīrusam esot trīs opcijas:
- izmirt;
- apiet (btw neveselīgo un neuzturamo) šūnisko atbildi;
- apiet vājo antiķermenīšu atbildi (kas esot visoptimālāk un avoti liecinot, ka jau notiekot šobrīd).

Esam nonākuši līdz pēdējai cīņai un viss spiediens esot uz vīrusa spēju atkratīties no jobanajiem antiķermenīšiem, kuri vienlaicīgi darot visu ko, bet tai skaitā ierobežojot virulenci (lasi - visu šo laiku radot ilūziju par maigākiem variantiem). Tas rezultēšoties mazāk lipīgā, bet smagākā variantā.

Kontraintuitīvi. Bet vīrusam neesot vairs citu variantu.

#var-betot-uz-vīrusa-izmiršanu #pūļa-imunitāte #mainīgie-vienādojumā #jā-bet-pandēmijas-akūtā-fāze-taču-jau-beidzās

12/30/23 01:38 pm

ingmārs protams atkal izceļas ar netīriem nagiem


12/30/23 01:33 pm

bļe ja tiešām sola -20, Brici briketēs vienkārši jāizpresē par šito

12/30/23 12:32 pm

jobanie austrālieši

12/30/23 11:23 am

labi, ka ir kāds kurš māca kā izteikties, or else

12/30/23 10:20 am

Kā var vienlaicīgi ticēt labajam un tai pat laikā ticēt ellei?

12/30/23 10:02 am

retoriski jautājumi:
- kāds ir taimfreims no pirmās dienas, kuru iezīmē "fināla" mutācijas parādīšanās uz jn subvarianta, līdz pēdējai dienai, kuru iezīmē pūļa imunitātes sasniegšana pateicoties -30% augsti vakcinētas populācijas? mēnesis? 2 mēneši? zosis iet par ātru notikumu gaitu. Vai 2 mēneši skaitās ātri šādam scenārijam?
- ko stulbeņi ar varu var paspēt sačakarēt šādā taimfreimā? aktivizēt armiju? vakcinēt visus ejot no-durvīm-līdz-durvīm? pakārt nevakcinētos? mandēt sejas maskas jaundzimušajiem? sagrābt vēl vairāk varu?

#jā-kā-tad #tici-labajam #tici-subdominantes-septakordam #bez-vakcīnas-nebūs-uzvaras
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