Marts 21., 2019

12:43 - QOTD
No piezīmēm/papildjautājumiem, kas pierakstīti intervijas laikā:

"ko nozīmē "godīgi izlikties"?"

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As such, Castaneda’s work can be taken as giving the lie (literally) to both the liberal isolation of the self in ethnography.. (Pels 2004, 158)

sasmējos balsī

/vispār "antropologi raksta par Kastaņedu" ir smieklīgākā lasāmviela ever :D

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Un tad, burtiski 10 minūtes vēlāk, tas pats avots:
"For the implication of resituating anthropological research in the triad of powers that be, researcher and researched may be that, as individual researchers, we can never find an audience to which we can show a ‘true’ face: ‘impression management’ towards both sponsors and people researched will be the only way to continue our existence as (paid and accepted) ethnographers. There is, clearly, a contingent limit to showing what one’s politics is about. Maybe that has been the case all along; maybe anthropologists have always been forced to maintain the secret that, in the end, they can never be completely trusted by anyone, because there are no overarching values to which any of their projected audiences can definitely hold them."
(Pels 2004, 165)

(un es esmu noraudājusies kā bērns)

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