Заметки алкоголика и придурка

8. Februāris 2023


Kārtējā monstru parāde.

Truly, it is bizarre and disgusting that this protest would break out over the supposed right of children and young adults without fully developed brains to permanently mutilate their sexual organs.
The Left has taken this worship of self to such an insane place.
Honestly, I hate to play the game, but can you IMAGINE if this was a right-wing group protesting abortion in California or New York? It would 100% be January 6th all over again.
People would be in jail from now until kingdom come.


Juvenal laikam iestātos par atkulakošanu. Pie velna mazos uzņēmumus. Visiem jāstrādā Amazon tipa korporatīvajos kolhozos.

21:34 - we r speshul

To dislike certain ethnicities is racist; to see Jews as equal is antisemitic

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